Digital Detox: Disconnect to Reconnect

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School’s out today! For the whole Summer! I’m a busy mum of two…. it’s going to be a long one. But for me it’s so important that as a family we all try and unplug and ‘ditch the devices’ whenever we go away on holiday. Families nowadays are so reliant on tech which makes it even more important to reconnect with each other and enjoy your local surroundings when you have that quality time away with the kids.

That means as little tech as possible which can be tricky! No gadgets allowed at meal times, limited use of tablets and smartphones for everyone and simply enjoying each other’s company, checking out the local culture away from our hectic daily lives. There are loads of things to choose from to keep the kids occupied and sites such as have a wide range of self-catering accommodation to suit most families. Whether you fancy swimming, playing tennis, horse riding, reading or just playing cards there really is something for everyone. Just work out where you want to go, what you want to do, have an idea of your budget and this site really does all the hard work for you.  

From a recent survey, carried out by, 60% of parents said their children would put up a fight if they had to give up their devices, from iPads to laptops and smartphones (…pretty shocking) and more encouragingly 43% of parents would also like to organise more non-gadget related activities with their family. With the summer holidays just around the corner a limitless variety of off-screen activities are within easy reach of your holiday rental home. Whether you’re having a week in a French gîte or a spontaneous weekend away in a West Country cottage, you’ll be sure to find activities that don’t involve tech time which you’ll all enjoy, from cultural excursions to meals out as a family.

Not giving in to the tech temptation can be hard but do try and give it a go, it really does create the perfect family break. The kids can get back to their iPads when you get back home!!!


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Event: The Future of Women in Technology

DRAFT- Woman 4_0 Event

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YouView launches tech talent search

On demand TV service YouView today announces  a major recruitment drive that will expand its technology team by well over 50%.

In the next 12 months, YouView will add more than 50 of the best developers, test engineers and project managers to its workforce in roles that will spearhead the next stages of pioneering connected TV development.

The recruitment drive kicks off this weekend with a YouView stand at the Silicon Milkroundabout, a technology recruitment fair running on 10-11 May at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

More information is available


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Tech 21: Protective cases for your iPhone


I always find it hard to get the best case for whatever my latest smartphone is but I’m loving this one for my iPhone 5s; it’s neat, doesn’t conceal the look of my phone too much and it actually provides impact protection at the same time. Boom!

The Tech21 Impact Mesh is the ultimate impact protection keeping your phone relatively protected from everyday accidents, I’ve got two kids under 3, trust me, I NEED this!  The D3O material provides a barrier between your iPhone and whatever it’s about to smash into. On impact, the clever little molecules within D3O lock together, absorbing the energy and dispersing it away, basically you have an added layer of durability – we could all do with that. Impactology at its finest!

Available on line at

Price £24.99

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GirlGeekChic Presents: An evening with leading women in technology in partnership with the BBC Academy

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GirlGeekChic presents an evening with leading Women in Technology at the House of Lords, London in partnership with BBC Academy. During the evening you will hear from industry experts about their respective technical roles and gain insight into the career challenges they face being a woman in technology. Hear how to be career savvy, find the right mentor for you and understand the importance of diversity as well as how to achieve that ‘elusive’ work/life balance.

Following an introduction from event host Nikki Moore, technologist and founder of award winning technology and gadgets site, you will hear from our expert speakers;

Maggie van’t Hoff, General Manager, Retail IT, Shell, ‘Leader of the Year for Women in Technology’ and ‘Working Mums Champion’ Finalist 2013.

Marina Kalkanis, Head of Media Services, BBC Future Media Platform, a leading technologist within the BBC.

Vanessa Vallely, founder of and author of ‘Heels of Steel’ her first book tracking her impressive career as a corporate woman in a man’s world.

Drinks and canapes will be served throughout the evening. After the final presentation there will be a panel discussion with all of our speakers and an opportunity for networking during the event.

For more details please contact

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