GirlGeekChic presents: An evening with leading women in technology in partnership with the BBC Academy

BBC Academy Small


GirlGeekChic presents an evening with leading Women in Technology at the House of Lords, London in partnership with BBC Academy. During the evening you will hear from industry experts about their respective technical roles and gain insight into the career challenges they face being a woman in technology. Hear how to be career savvy, find the right mentor for you and understand the importance of diversity as well as how to achieve that ‘elusive’ work/life balance.

Following an introduction from event host Nikki Moore, technologist and founder of award winning technology and gadgets site, you will hear from our expert speakers;

Maggie van’t Hoff, General Manager, Retail IT, Shell, ‘Leader of the Year for Women in Technology’ and ‘Working Mums Champion’ Finalist 2013.

Marina Kalkanis, Head of Media Services, BBC Future Media Platform, a leading technologist within the BBC.

Vanessa Vallely, founder of and author of ‘Heels of Steel’ her first book tracking her impressive career as a corporate woman in a man’s world.

Drinks and canapes will be served throughout the evening. After the final presentation there will be a panel discussion with all of our speakers and an opportunity for networking during the event.

For more details please contact

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Competition: Test out the super-fast 4GEE service on a hot new handset

If you love gadgets as much as I do, you will jump at the chance to enter this fab competition from Gizomodo in association with the superfast, ever expanding 4GEE network. Three gadget fantastic readers will each receive a new handset a month, and after following their challenges plus writing a short review every two weeks, they get to keep all three (pay as you go) handsets. Everyone’s a winner baby!

How to enter

Simply email before the final hour of Monday 3rd of February, with your address, so they can check your area is covered by 4GEE.  The network now covers around 160 towns and cities so you probably will be but  you can check your coverage by using EE’s online coverage checker here.

Add a snappy sentence or two as to why you should be chosen (‘pick me!’) and if you want to go that extra mile, please include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog if you have one. And of course you need to live in the UK too.

So if you’re a wannabe gadget reviewer, a closet geek or just obsessing over super fast 4g , heck what are you waiting for!! Get involved!

For more details please go to Gizmodo Competition


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Keep your hands toastie with touch screen gloves

red touch glove

These cute looking touch screen gloves are perfect for using your touch screen gadgets when it’s cold outside! No need to ‘de-glove’ simply use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other touch smartphones through the specifically woven finger tips. Keep your hands super cosy and play with your phone. Win win!

Available in Red or Grey/White One size fits all at Proporta

Price £14.95


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Fight the fat with the treadmill desk

Used by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Nike and The White House active workstations enable you to work AND walk at the same time. Basically you can get physical at work – so to speak - without impacting on your busy schedule.


There are different models to suit your office needs so you can get the right active workstation to best meet your needs. The desks are ergonomically engineered with built in cushioning on the desk front for your wrist, with a large desk size to replicate conventional desk space.

The workstations are also Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync with a computer. This shares your data with a proprietary app that sits on your computer desktop. You can track your steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled all on your computer screen as you walk.

Perfect way to get fit this New Year!

Available to buy in the UK from Priced from £1499.99

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Trends from CES

With the doors closing on CES today it seems fitting to take a look back at the hottest trends of the show and highlight some of my favourite tech pieces.


Wearable technology has been a dominating trend at CES this year, especially in the fitness arena. A host of bands, watches and detachable gadgetry were unveiled with the promise of improving our sleep, training our brain and enhancing our fitness. Launches such as the Garmin vivofit (, available from March for around £99.99, intend to monitor your personal activity levels and use the information to set tailor made goals. The water-resistant band tracks your sleep, counts your steps, monitors calories burnt and sets out to help you achieve your fitness goals with its progress tracker and inactivity sensor.


The term “the internet of everything” was key at CES 2014. The phrase essentially identifies that technology firms are working hard to  make our homes, lives and cars smarter using interactive technology and data communication. From the aforementioned fitness trackers, to LG’s smart fridges and washing machines that you can text, the major tech players are aiming to use technology to improve the efficiency of our day to day activities.

Earlier on in the week we focused on Ultra HD and curved technology. Both elements have played a huge part in CES 2014. With smartphones and televisions literally bending – our visual experience becomes highly immersive and our calls more ergonomic.


In the automotive sphere, hydrogen powered cars and self-driving capabilities caused quite a stir. Toyota announced the as yet untitled hydrogen and oxygen powered car, set to launch in 2015 ( Toyota claims that despite its sustainable fuel, the car will perform in the same way as a ‘regular’ car – achieving 0-60 in 10 seconds and reaching top speeds in excess of 100mph. The firm acknowledged and commented on the challenge of refuelling the fuel cell car with niche and currently sparse refuelling systems, announcing that certain areas in the US are becoming focused on significantly multiplying the number. BMW showcased its latest autonomous driving tech at the show in its 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe. The technology facilitates the cars to navigate bends and hurdles without driver intervention thanks to cameras, radars and sensors.


In addition to these key trends I want to highlight some other stand-out products from the show. The Griffin Wireless Powermate, available from Summer 2014 for around $59.99 ( Achingly stylish in its metallic, circular form, the Bluetooth LE running Powermate can be programmed to carry out six key commands for most computer applications in a click or a spin – from simply adjusting computer volume and replacing repetitive keystrokes, to becoming the hacker’s choice for programming smartly. The rather quirky, russian-doll inspired styled Mother product from caught my eye, available to pre-order now for $166 ( The ‘doll’ assumes the role of a nucleus and four connectors are then attached to items that you want to essentially make ‘smarter’. A connector can for example be attached to a pill bottle and if the bottle remains untouched an alert will be sent to your smartphone to remind you to take your pills. I was really impressed by the ranges on show from Ozaki ( – the Taiwanese company got is so right with its array of cool smartphone and tablet accessories including the mini piano keyboard for iPhone and interactive chess set for the iPad – Chesspoly.

Goodnight from Las Vegas!



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