Juicy Couture iPhone Case

If you want to bling up your iPhone then have a look at this pink leather Juicy Couture iPhone case.

It comes with a goldtone chain, cute lock and key charms and a protective plastic case to keep your iPhone all safe. Also available in chocolate colour and black.


  • W – 2″
  • H – 4.5″
  • D – 0.5″
  • Strap drop – 3″
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6 Responses to “Juicy Couture iPhone Case”

  1. Jadey Says:

    I love this holder! i have it in the black and the pink!

  2. Ayesha xx Says:

    ARGHHHHHHHH,, i really want this but i dont have a clue where to get it from – for a good price, seen as thought im only 15 and my mum aint gonu be to pleased if its too pricey………HELP!!
    ='( <3 xx

  3. Catherine T Says:

    Hey where can I get this? Please reply to my email! Thanks :D

  4. Catherine T Says:

    hey there, thanks so much for the reply. its sad that i am 3 years late. :(

  5. Nikki Moore Says:

    oh no I’m sure there are other ones out there

  6. Jackie Says:

    Can anyone tell me where i can find this case, its adorable!

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