Dear Girl Geek: I need some speakers

Dear Girl Geek

Hi. I want to buy my 14 year old daughter some ipod speakers for her birthday for up to 50GBP. Need to be compatible with ipod nano 4g, have great sound and be able to charge (which many don’t seem capable of with the ipod nano 4g). Any ideas please? Thanks


 Dear Cheryl

Have a look at the link to see the speakers I suggest for your daughter.

It is a stereo speaker system & docking station for re-charging & synchronization of the iPod. It is fitted with the iPod Universal Dock, compatible with any iPod after Generation 3 (so is compatible with the Nano 4G). It has good quality sound and I think it looks nice in white too, not too big and bulky like some of the speaker systems out there and comes within budget. It also has a remote control which is handy.

If you read the product details and spec you will get more in depth info about the system. If you have any more questions then let me know.

Luv girlgeek x

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    dear girl geek

    i wood like to buy the carrie bradshaws mobile phone is it for sale

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