Power Without Wires: Wireless iPhone Charger


The PowerPad has been designed with cutting edge technology, offering easy and reliable charging. The PowerPad uses inductive charging where power is simply transmitted through the case to the iPhone battery making charging your iPhone easier than ever. Your iPhone can be placed anywhere on the charge pad and does not require specific contact points and built-in magnets. Perfect!

Works with iPhone (WWi) certified, the compact charging pad fits perfectly into the home or office environment and simply plugs into the mains to transmit charge to the iPhone through the liquid rubber receiver case. The case acts as a robust protective cover when out and about and then, when charge levels are running low, place the iPhone on the charge pad to power it up wirelessly. With the same charge time as standard wired chargers, powering up your iPhone couldn’t be more simple.

Super convenient and looks pretty slick too; wireless charging technology is definitely the way forward.

For more information, check out www.gear4.com/powerpad

Price around £79.99

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