Urbanears Plattan headphones to style up your look

These sleek chic headphones are not just any ordinary headphones. Uniquely designed by the Scandinavians, they are state of the art. They are full size offering great sound, and are not only just for listening to music. They come with a remote and a microphone compatible with most devices including iPhones, iPods, notebooks, steroes and Nokia even gets a look in.  Now you can listen to your music and just as easily talk to your friends on the phone without having to fumble around taking your headphones off!

They are fully collapsible and fold down to fit easily in your hand, allowing storage even in your pocket which is pretty cool for travelling. The Plattan also comes with the “Zound Plug”, a socket that allows your friends to connect to your headphones, so you can snuggle up and share your favourite tunes.

The headpiece is made from a single piece of fabric and looks like a cutesy alice band.  Style up your look in one of the fourteen different funky colors available – it even has a one year replacement warranty if, dare I say, they get squashed in your handbag!

Available around £50. For more details check out www.urbanears.com

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