Dear Girl Geek: Which is the best netbook for my daughter?

Dear Girl Geek

Please can you give me some advice about netbooks. My daughter is ten and is always nicking my laptop. I thought I might buy her a netbook for xmas. She loves going on sites like stardoll. I know she would want a pink one, and yes I know it is poor to base decisions on colour, but she is a proper girl and that would definitely score 50% of the points with her. I don’t want to spend a massive amount of cash on it as she will probably treat it badly. There seem to be a lot of them out there but for her she just needs to be able to access a full screen of a website and perhaps msn and she also uses it sometimes for her homework research. The reviews don’t seem to focus on these points

many thanks


 Dear Tracey

There are various netbooks out there but I think for what your daughter will be using it for the best ones to look at are the eeepc, acer aspire one, msi wind. You can get some good deals on the eeepc if you look on line, the cheaper ones tend to have linux operating system and I’m assuming your daughter uses windows so just make sure you see what the operating system is if you find a really good deal.

Here is a link to an eeepc with windows (8.9″ screen)

Acer aspire one (8.9″ screen – click on the colour you want on the site)

MSI wind (10.2″ screen)

eeepc in pink with linux (7″ screen)

The best thing to do is see which one you like the most out of the above and look on of and try and get the cheapest deal.

I think the eeepc would be a good one to go for, and if you didn’t mind having the linux operating system and a smaller screen on it you can get them as cheap as £150 on line, you can still access the net in the same way from a linux pc if she is mainly going to be on the web. Or, go for one of the higher spec ones if your budget allows.

Hope this helps!


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