You spin me right round baby…360 degrees!

The brand new Lomography 360 Spinner is a retro camera that literally spins 360 degrees, resulting in a complete panoramic shot of your surroundings. It is a charmingly low tech, analogue camera, making it simple to use and easy to understand and it uses…… 35 mm film *WTF* I haven’t seen a snappy snaps film for a long time! Just load the film into the camera, hold it at your chosen angle, pull the ring pull and release. The head of the camera will spin 360 degrees and that’s it, photo taken, job is a good’un.

On a 36-exposure film your Lomography camera will take up to eight 360o panoramic shots. Developing couldn’t be easier; as when a film is processed the whole film is developed in one straight line, so just pop ask your photo guy to give you the film back to you uncut – then you can cut the film wherever you want and leaving you with eight funky snaps. How cool!

The Lomography 360o Spinner is available now from priced £99.99.

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