And for those who have everything…The first *ever* iPad bed

Check out the i-Con, the world’s first bed designed to work with your iPad. Not sure if it looks pretty funky or just a bit wrong! It has four fully enclosed speakers, a 250 watt amplifier and two docking stations for his and hers iPads, sweet. It’s made by Hollandia International and you can get it in over 200 colours so can tailor it to your room. We don’t have word on pricing yet but watch this space. Like it or lump it? I’m not sure about this one…

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3 Responses to “And for those who have everything…The first *ever* iPad bed”

  1. booomer Says:

    not sure about this one! x

  2. Nikki Moore Says:

    Be good if it could make you brekker tho! :-)

  3. Lloyd Pennington Says:

    As product design goes, that’s quite drab IMO. The colour doesn’t help, but I doubt the other 199 colour options will help much. Might be OK for a motel, but the look of it makes one think more of a private hospital bed for two

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