Girl Geek Gadget Guide to glamping this bank hols…

Staycations are all the rage what with the recession and all, so if you’re planning a Bank Holiday weekend away glamping then check out these must have gadgets to make your little mini break even more enjoyable. 

 Logitech S715i portable speakers

Have tunes, will travel with the new Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i. It’s a portable iPod and iPhone speaker dock, ideal for setting the backing track to your weekend break. Whether it is the latest choonz from JLS, or something errr better – this iPod dock has great sound quality and is easy to transport. 

Expected to be available in the UK in all major retailers from August. Price £149


We all have to drop the kids off at the pool sometimes, apart from ladies of course. But at least when you’re enjoying your camp fest this handy PLOO makes it slightly more bearable when you need two-sies. This lightweight loo is basically a portable cardboard toilet and is ideal for camping. Easy to use, it comes with 10 biodegradable *errrr* poo poo bags and a handy shoulder carrier!

Available from Price around £15

The Mio V505 

 The revolutionary Mio Navman Spirit V505 is the perfect travel companion for any self respecting gadgeteer. Its wide-screen design and industry-leading navigation will get you to your desired destination safely, and in the shortest possible time. It also comes with integrated Freeview TV, so you can even enjoy the X factor in the great outdoors with a nice glass of rosé.

Available from: Price from £169.99

Draper 45943 3 LED Waterproof Wind Up Torch

I love torches nearly as much as I love maps! Even tho’ it’s an oldie it’s still a goodie for any camper, even if it’s just for a late trip to the Ploo! This nifty little device from Draper has it all, the light, the waterproof casing, and if you leave your solar power charger at home it even has a handy wind up mechanism so not batteries needed! Price around £10

Solar Powered Camp Shower

Camping no longer has to mean living in squalor for days on end surrounded by baby wipes, you can now get shiny and clean with this handy solar powered shower! For that ‘home from home’ experience… sort of… invest a little, and gain a lot from this portable shower facility.

Available from Price: £4.99

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