The Hoodiebuddie: hoodie with built in headphones

When my dog takes me out for my evening walk, I like to listen to a bit of music. In the summer, it’s a doddle – iphone in pocket, headphones on, off we go. However, in the cooler months I’m constantly getting frustrated with the warm clothing v headphone cable issue. I’m fairly sure (hopeful?) that I can’t be the only person who struggles daily with ‘self-tangling headphone syndrome’ and when coupled with a warm cardigan or hoody with drawstrings, then it seems I’m just asking for trouble.

But it seems that help may be at hand.

Those ingenious chaps over at have come up with a novel idea that’s both stylish and practical. The HoodieBuddie combines HB3Technology (patent pending) and a hidden headphone jack that will plug into any standard device, such as iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, radio etc. When the device is attached, you can listen to bangin’ choons, podcasts or the dulcet tones of Cliff Richard (if you really want to), the choice is completely yours. Not sounding too different to stowing your player or phone in your hoodie pouch so far? Well, the genius in this design is this: The headphones are built into the end of the drawstrings. Yes, really. No tangly headphones anymore. Bliss.

So they don’t tangle, they’re always attached to the garment, your device is hidden & best of all – it’s completely machine washable – and you don’t need to detach the headphones either. Brilliant.

The hoodiebuddie comes in a range of different designs and colours for both guys and girls, including Minne Mouse, logos patterns, and a bang on trend iconic Betty White range.  Prices range from $44-$50 (approx £28-32).

For those of us not in the USA, don’t worry, will ship internationally; instructions are on their website along with a great offer of 10% off for Facebook friends. I don’t know about you but that’s certainly music to my ears!”

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  1. jim Says:

    what a clever idea, some of the best ideas are so simple

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