Three must haves for mummies

I know, I know I’m all about the handy baby gadgets at the moment for me and baby Lottie so check out my top 3 gadgets for mums with buggies who will know exactly what I’m talking about when they feast their eyes on these three must haves.

Hands Free Brolly

When you’re out walking with the buggy and it starts to rain, believe me it is NOT easy to carry on pushing whilst struggling with a brolly! Well, the clever peeps at the hands free brolly company have come up with a wizzy solution to exactly this problem – the hands free brolly!  The umbrella handle has been cleverly designed to slot into a detachable clamp.  The clamp fixes on to a pram or buggy leaving both hands free to wheel away keeping nice and dry at the same time. It’s so easy to attach and just fab to use – perfect for me too as I love walking in the rain!

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Price £19

Hamster Bags

The Hamster buggy bags clip easily on and off the sides of your buggy. Each Hamster holds the volume of a full plastic shopping bag and is much much stronger. The buggy bags redistribute additional weight so that the buggy does not fall backwards when you child is not in it. Although the bags can carry heavy items, the weight should not exceed the maximum stated by your buggy’s manufacturer.

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Price £29

Mummy Mitts

I love my mummy mitts, they are just SO practical and look good too. They attach to the handle bar or handles of any pram or pushchair, allowing you the convenience of removing your hands whilst the mittens remain attached. If you need to answer your mobile whilst pushing the buggy no need to struggle anymore trying to get your glove off ! They are an absolute must for every parent or even better a fab pressie for a new mum.

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Price £18

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