Looks like Casio have come a long way since the calculator

The Japanese electronics giants, known world-wide for their G-Shock watches, recently unveiled a new prototype watch with Bluetooth capability.

You could be forgiven for not wanting to be seen wearing it on your wrist given its current appearance but if you look at some of the funky G- shock watches this one may get better looking.

This Bluetooth 4.0 enabled bit of kit has been designed to connect to the users smartphone, giving them the ability to view alerts on their wrist, directly from their phone. As well as text and email notifications, the calendar function means that all the reminders saved on the user’s phone can be easily viewed at the touch of a button.

Arguably the best feature is that when a call comes through to your phone the user can simply pull back their sleeve, look at their watch and see who’s calling. But it goes on, calls can even be rejected/ignored at the touch of a button. All this could mean no more fumbling in your pockets, hurriedly trying to pull the phone out before the caller hangs up and definitely  no more feeling popular when your phone rings, only to pull it out and see that it was your Mum calling.

The watch also boasts an automatic time zone update, handy for frequent travellers, and Casio also revealed that they hope to add public transportation, fitness and GPS functions to the watch before its release.

They are aiming to have the watch in shops by late 2011/early 2012, adding that it won’t largely out price other Casio models, which is a pleasant surprise. The long wait will allow Casio to address the small display and, hopefully, make it a bit easier on the eye, whilst smartphones catch up in regards to the Bluetooth 4.0.

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