Turn your bath into a revitalising bubble spa!

Spa baths can be a bit pricey but now you can create a spa in your own home with the bubble spa bath mat. Designed to duplicate the effects of a whirlpool bath, the bubble spa swirls the water and generates powerful bubbles to revitalise your body leaving you feeling totally relaxed. The soft air mat is placed in the bath and fills with air to cushion your body. There are over 300 individual aeration vents which produce the powerful bubble action and the variable control allows you to customise the bubbles to suit your massage. It’s easy to set up and comes with a handy wireless remote to select the option you require whilst relaxing in the bath. There is also a timer facility to set the bath spa depending on how long you want to soak for. At last you can have a spa day without even having to leave your house!

Available on www.gizoo.co.uk

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