Make meetings more fun with a smartpen

I really thought that “office productivity” gadgets were a bit last season, but finally something has come along that is genuinely useful. Hands up if you spend hours scribbling notes in meetings, typing them up and trying to remember what on earth a particular phrase meant (it always makes sense at the time, doesn’t it?). The Livescribe smartpen is quite simply your saviour; in a nutshell you write in a paper notepad and it records what is going on around you. Need recall? Tap a word and it replays the audio from the meeting at that point in time. Genius. The interface is a piece of cake too – pop the pen into its USB cradle and it uploads the contents of your notepad and makes them fully searchable. You can also arrange the pages into virtual notebooks so you don’t waste time flicking through to find your previous notes. Criticisms? You have to use special paper and the pen is a little chunkier than I would prefer, but on the grand scheme of things that’s nothing. Love it.


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