Dear Girl Geek: I’m looking for a laptop that I can use with my grandaughter

Dear Girl Geek

I am interested in getting a laptop for me and my granddaughter to share. Something quite small and manageable. I have seen an Asus 7″ Eeepc in a magazine with 512MB and 8GB flash (whatever that means!) do you think this would be suitable? If not can you please suggest something that would.



Dear Josie

I think the eeepc is a good one to go for as it is small and easy to use so will be suitable for you and your grandaughter. They are now available with bigger screens than the 7″ one you have seen.  Check out the links below to see which one you like the most. The three here are all similar in size and spec so just choose the best one that meets your budget.

Here is a link to:

Eeepc with windows (8.9″ screen)

Acer aspire one (8.9″ screen – click on the colour you want on the site)

MSI wind (10.2″ screen)

As always the best thing to do is look on or and try and get the cheapest deal.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need any further help with the specification details.


girlgeek x

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  1. James Oliver Says:

    The MSI Wind is great! Long battery life. Also owned a smaller Asus eeePC Liked it.
    I gave away the MSI when I got a MacBookPro. Still miss it ;(

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