London Girl Geek Dinners 7th Anniversary

Seven years ago last Thursday London Girl Geek Dinners was founded, from which has grown the whole worldwide Girl Geek Dinners organisation. So they decided to celebrate with a little party that I was lucky enough to get an invite to.

Girl Geek Dinners was started by Sarah Lamb from, after one too many tech dinners where she was patronised or ignored. She wanted to create geeky environments where it was normal for women to be in the majority. A lovely touch is Girl Geek Dinners “one male per female” rule – a key principle to make sure that they don’t themselves end up excluding men.

The birthday party was held in Mozilla’s London MozSpace. This is what you see as you walk in.

Mozilla Welcome Sign

Other sponsors included Naked Wines, who provided enough wine to quench the thirst of 100 geeks, plus a voucher for everyone to take away with them, Thoughtworks, who brought some cupcakes, and Millie’s Cookies who donated a giant birthday cookie.

I have to say that this was one of the most laid back “networking” events that I have ever been to – the atmosphere made it feel like I was just sitting around in a friend’s sitting room.

But there were a couple of speakers. Aimee Maree gave a thought-provoking talk on internet trolls and BBC Click’s Kate Russell talked us through the contents of her (brand withheld by BBC impartiality rules) smartphone.

Lovely people, a lovely evening at a lovely space in London. I can’t wait until the next event at Facebook!

This post first appeared on Zoe Cunningham’s blog.

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