Dear Girl Geek: I love the new touchscreen phones but…

Dear Girl Geek

i have been loving the new touchscreen phones that have been appearing everywhere recently. i would really like to get one, but i just cant afford the huge prices charged for them, and i do not really want to get a pay monthly contract. any ideas for slightly cheaper alternatives?
any help would be greatly appreciated.

annabel xx

Dear Annabel

Have a look at this touch screen phone -> the LG KP500 Cookie.

It’s a decent phone, available on pay as you go and comes in under £100 on various networks. It has a 3″ wide full touch screen and comes in black and pink! It has a host of other features that you can check out at the link below and it looks good too ->

Hope you like it and that comes in within budget.

Luv girlgeek x

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4 Responses to “Dear Girl Geek: I love the new touchscreen phones but…”

  1. helen Says:

    Try the LG KS360

    best phone I have ever ownded. Massively gadgety. Touch-screen, qwerty keyboard and millions of clever features like threated text messaging etc.

    A snip at about £80 on PAYG from carphone warehouse

  2. Nikki Moore Says:

    Thanks Helen, great comment

  3. Joanna Says:

    I have got the LG KP500 Cookie and it is AMAZING. I absolutely love it!
    I got it from O2 in white, on pay as you go, for £107 as i had to buy £10 worth of credit too… but it’s well worth it. (My friend later told me you can get it in Tesco for £96.. grr!)
    I have never had a touchscreen before but have found it really easy to use, including texting, calling, everything, and BONUS… it even has a drawing pad! (This made me happy anyway! haha)

  4. Maya Says:

    I think you should go for an android touch screen phone, because you get the experience of a smart phone and a touch screen I suggest the samsung galaxy 5, I’ve been using it for a month now and u won’t be disappointed. it has capacitive touch screen, very responsive, bluetooth,usb, wifi, 3g, loads of apps and its really cute. And cheap!

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