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Fashion Chic: handbag trends for spring / summer

Summer is within sight. Before you know it you’ll be ditching your pea coat and leggings and going bare legged and bare armed with open toed shoes, sunglasses and sun hats. The season’s fashions look delectable and almost good enough to eat. From a pastel rainbow seen at Prada and Chanel to shimmering metallics and sequins at Armani and Alexander McQueen. But we all know that it’s the accessories that make the outfit, right? So cruising right past the jeans, dresses, jackets and blouses we take a closer look at all the new trends in handbags and purses. Here are our top picks.

Tropical clutch

Clutches are the only way to go when you have your glad rags on. Full on handbags are a little too much to deal with and detract from your outfit and generally get in the way of looking fierce. This season the best way to party is Hawaiian style; so look for emerald, turquoise, canary yellow and gold as your colour palette. One of our favourite clutches of the season is available from the wide range of designer handbags at House of Fraser. The Head Over Heels Beauty H Rouched Bag in green – pictured below – is cute and sassy, but ladylike too. Plus at £35 it’s a real bargain.

Duffle Bags

Fashion designers seem to have been inspired by the impending London Olympics and have come over all sporty on us. We just love it. The chance to mix sporty fabrics with fashion styling is a challenge we relish. The perfect bag for this trend needs to have its own sporty style and duffle bags are the way to go. However, you can never let your fashion guard down and that’s why we love the Dune D Luffle Quilted Duffle Bag, another one of House of Fraser’s designer handbags. The cream colour, luxury leather material, gold metal detailing and plaited strap give this a sport-luxe look.

Pastel Purses

Pastel shades of lilac, dusty pink, mint and lemon bring a healthy dose of ladylike charm to summer’s brasher trends. What could be more ladylike than a click-top fastening purse. Straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, although in much softer shades, these feminine purses are delightful. Our favourite pick from the range of designer handbags is Ted Baker’s Kassady Purse in baby pink. The cute bobble fastening top and patent leather is in total harmony with the girly pastel trend.

Nautical Totes

Hello Sailor, nautical fashion is back. Think boat shoes, Breton stripes, chinos and white jeans. We are loving Blake Lively’s look here, and you too need to get a nautical-esque tote to work this trend. Of course navy will work best, but red or white and striped versions can also look great. Nine West has gone all out with its One Stop Large Shopper Bag, with sailboat design and blue and white stripe. We love it and think it’s the perfect addition to any nautical outfit. A red and white striped version with anchor design is also available.

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And for those who have everything…Electric Piano

The Whaletone electric piano is built around a high end Rowland Keyboard and simply put it is designed to look like a whale. It combines original design and advanced technology and love it or hate it you can’t deny there is something irresistibly beautiful about it. You can customise it to whatever colour you so desire and it can be yours for a measly £75,000. Wow!

For more details go to

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Dr Dre Beats by Oscar de la Renta

Beats by Dr Dre has teamed up with Oscar de la Renta to make these gorgeous plum fox fur headphones and they look for fab. We think they’re kind of hot and perfect for cold, wintry days.

Available on line at

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Girl Geek Guide to Online Dating: The DO’s and DONT’s

Step 1

So we begin…before you enter into the world of online shennanigans, just stop and take a moment to work out exactly what you want, I mean in the words of my beloved spice girls what do you *realllly reallly* want…and more importantly once you’ve decided always remember…”dont waste the pretty!”

Being single is having the freedom to be choosy and keep your options open. In fact, sometimes it can be the start of a fantastic adventure, and sometimes it can be better than being with someone… (errr then again that kind of defeats the object here…)

We start with the Do’s


1. Do embrace your single status. According to a survey by Zoosk, 70 percent of women cite the freedom to “do my own thing” as one of the best aspects of being single.

2. Do practice your dating skills. But the good news is that, as long as you’re having fun, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

3. Do think about what you really want – and live by it. Here’s an idea: take a piece of paper and write down five non-negotiable character traits (i.e. integrity, honesty, loyalty (sexy bod) that someone must possess in order to be with you. Refer back to this list when deciding whether you want to date someone(maybe not in the bar on the actual date – that would be weird). It’s hard to be level-headed about your relationship when you’re in it.

4. Do new things. People with hobbies, interests, and passions naturally attract other people. Single people can do what they want, when they want – just think of the possibilities! Be it snowboarding or skydiving, there’s nothing more attractive that someone who is passionate about something. Whatever it is including being passionate about you!

Now it’s the Dont’s


1. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. The worst that can happen is you don’t get it; which, if you didn’t have it in the first place, isn’t making your situation any worse than it already was. Statistically, the more you try at something, the more likely it is that it’ll happen. This is simple mathematics. Probability is on your side.

2. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. Everyone loves a single girl! Desperation is a serious turn-off; independence is a turn-on. Some dates will be better than others and no one ever gets what they want all the time – that would be too boring. So, view singlehood as a freedom, rather than a burden, and feel empowered knowing that you don’t need anyone else to make you complete, that you can be complete on your own. A relationship, if you want one, is just icing on the cake.

3. Don’t wait for Mr. Right to do all the things you want to do in life. Enjoy the right now, whatever your dating status, fulfil your dreams on your own and with friends and family.

Tune in next week for Step 2 and more tips in the girl geek guide to dating…

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Hit the beach with the Hi Sun Beach Towel

Say hi to a world of beach, sun and music with the hi-Sun beach towel. It’s essentially a beach towel with built in speakers and when you’re done sunbathing it becomes a backpack. The perfect solution for the beach, camping of just chilling in the park  so you can soak up the rays listening to your favourite tunes.

It’s compatible with iPhone®, iPod® or any other MP3  player that has a 3.5mm universal jack, and when it needs washing simply remove the speakers and pop it in the machine.

Available from


  • Dimension: 180 cm x 80 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Speaker power: 2W/4ohm X 2
  • Frequency response: 100HZ—20KHZ
  • Output:4.2V/250MA
  • Li-ion battery
  • Colors: red, black, blue, pink
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