How to

Whether it’s knowing how to share your photos online, back up important files or what to do if you spill coffee on your laptop… the list goes on.

It just seems never ending but it doesn’t have to be that complicated – honest.

Check out girl geeks how to’s to get the easy peasy answers you need.

How to find an iPhone

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iPhone How To: make a new photo album

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iPhone How To: use visual voicemail

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Think technology is “difficult”, “geeky” or “boring” – think again!

TeenTech, founded by Science broadcaster Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson, Chairman of the Institute of Directors (South), runs one day technology events for young teenagers to showcase the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Hoping to encourage young people to make the choices that will enable them to pursue fulfilling careers instead of just waiting to become famous, TeenTech sponsors such as BT, Sky and the BBC bring along the very latest technology to get the message across about just how exciting these careers can be.

If your business, school or organisaion would like to take part in this amazing initiative, contact details are available on their site:

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My Gadget Buddy

Traditionally we invest in insurance for things that are large purchases – we invest in home and car insurance, or insure specific costly items.

As technology progresses and gadgets get smaller, we find that we’re carrying around more and more expensive kit – I personally carry a netbook, an iPad and a smartphone. If I dropped my handbag, I’d be considerably out of pocket.

If this is worrying you, Rock Insurance have come up with a new plan to allow you to protect your gadgets for a small monthly premium. See for more details.

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