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Whether it’s knowing how to share your photos online, back up important files or what to do if you spill coffee on your laptop… the list goes on.

It just seems never ending but it doesn’t have to be that complicated – honest.

Check out girl geeks how to’s to get the easy peasy answers you need.

Top Travel Apps for this Summer

The busy holiday season is just around the corner and although it should be the highlight of the year, many people find the planning stage of their annual getaway not so fun. Where to go, what are the ‘must sees’, does it fit my budget, all add to the stress of booking a holiday.

Whether you want to relax on a sunny beach, roam the Scottish Highlands or visit the Pyramids in Egypt, help is on hand with a number of easy to use travel apps. They will not only ensure you plan and execute the perfect trip, but will help you get the most from your holiday whilst there too.

Gogobot (FREE) for iPhone

Gogobot helps you plan the perfect trip with the help of friends. By allowing you to tap into your personal networks, be it on Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter, you can receive personal advice and reviews from people like you – not strangers.

Browse more than 60,000 travel destinations and arrange them according to recommendations made by your friends. With the touch of the screen you can search for hotels, restaurants, and attractions, plus turn photos into postcards (love that!), which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email – letting everyone know that you’re having a great time!

TripLingo (from £6.99) for iPhone, Android

Learning a few phrases and travel-related questions will go a long way to making your trip more enjoyable and the locals will appreciate your effort. TripLingo makes picking up the local lingo and culture easy and fun.

With over 1,000 phrases, a built-in dictionary, and flashcards nothing will be lost in translation! Nifty features include articles on local etiquette, information on the country, plus multiple audio examples for phrases helping you with the pronunciation – so you sound just like a local.

Packing Pro (from £1.79) for iPhone

Have you ever reached the airport and had that sinking feeling you’ve forgotten to pack something? Well this excellent app is perfect for those of us who are perhaps a little forgetful, or those who tend to leave packing until the last minute.

Packing Pro will assist you with what to bring based the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as temperature, destination & clothes washing preferences. With Packing Pro, you’ll never forget something as crucial as your bikini or sun screen again.

Camera+ (from 69p) for iPhone

Capturing magic moments with friends and family and of your holiday surroundings are important to creating lifelong memories of your trip. The easy to use Camera+ iPhone app not only allows you to get snap happy, but encourages your creative side too.

A number of features will ensure top quality pictures such as special effects, cropping, easy editing, plus a choice of image boarders. Once you’ve got the perfect pic, proudly share your holiday snaps with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or simply via email.

Airbnb (FREE) for iPhone, Android

To avoid disappointing holiday diggs, sign-up to Airbnb, a trusted community for holidaymakers looking to discover and book unique accommodation around the world, either online or from your mobile phone.

From apartments to villas and castles to B&B’s, Airbnb offers accommodation across 19,000 cities and 192 countries. And if you’ve found something you like the look of, but still have a few questions, Airbnb allows you to message the host directly, as well as access host details and get directions to your destination. For the last-minute holiday organisers amongst us, with one simple tap you can search for available places nearby for that night.

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How To: check your data usage on an iPhone

Always tweeting and surfing the web and not sure how much data you have used from your limit? All you need to do is the following:

  1. Go to iPhone settings
  2. Sroll down and select General
  3. Then select Usage
  4. Scroll down and then select Mobile Usage
  5. The screen will show you a detailed breakdown of your Mobile Network Data, how much you have sent and received.
  6. If you want to reset your statistics so you can monitor how much yo use over a certain time period, click on Reset Statistics and then check back in a week to see how much you have used.

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Watching YouTube on my XBox Live

With YouTube on Xbox LIVE, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on your HD TV from the comfort of your own living room. From the most viewed to your favourite comedy clips everything is available at your fingertips or voice!  Search for any specific video or explore a category to find something new. Favorites, subscriptions, and playlists in your YouTube account are available right on your console.

It’s free to watch YouTube with your Xbox LIVE Gold membership. It’s simple and easy to setup, just navigate to the Apps Marketplace and download the YouTube app. Go GOLD today with this exclusive code for Girl Geek Chic readers : G1rlGkCh1c

What’s good is you don’t even have to use the controller, you can access content by waving your hand or using your voice with Kinect for Xbox 360.

By signing in to your YouTube account, you can see videos recommended just for you. It’s easy to set up, simple to use and much better watching clips on the best screen in your house.

Check out my quick (extremely homemade vid) to see just how good it is!

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Geek Tip: Protecting your data online

In modern times, it’s simply not enough anymore to back up your prized “digital” possessions on disc or removable media. It is now quite common to use cloud computing and online backup as an extra layer of security for preserving and safeguarding your files.

For example, Dell IT services will help and allow you to backup your data so that it is stored somewhere else besides your home. However, even cloud computing and online backup can come with security issues.


You can begin adding an extra layer of security for protecting your data online by installing and regularly using antivirus and anti-spyware software. Some malicious programs are designed to log every keystroke you make which can be bad news if you happen to make a login attempt to your online data while the malware is installed. Because this is a critical, common problem, it’s a good idea to make sure your anti-malware programs are updated regularly as well as used from time to time.


Additionally, it’s a good idea to cycle through different passwords periodically. For example, you can keep a set of 5 passwords that you plan to use, and change them regularly every 30 days. This can drastically minimize your chances of having your online data tampered with or stolen. It only takes a few moments to change a password; it’s an extremely non-intrusive and simple method for significantly strengthening your online data’s security.

Online Backup

If you’re not already using online backup for your files, it’s a good idea to educate yourself and find out just how it can benefit you. If you’ve got a significant amount of data that you can’t afford to lose, it may be a good idea to start looking into cloud computing and online backup as a straightforward and affordable solution.

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Keep your smartphone safe this Christmas

Christmas and New Year is a time to be merry and full of festive cheer. But when it comes to losing or having your mobile phone stolen, cheer can soon turn to tears, according to Lookout Mobile Security .

In a recent survey conducted by Lookout among mobile users, around two-thirds admitted they were ‘very worried’ or ‘worried’ about their phone being lost or stolen, a figure that is set to rise as we embark on a series of parties, presents and pantomimes and of course booze! A third of those questioned confessed that they could last just a couple of minutes to acouple of hours if their phone was lost or stolen – 10 per cent couldn’t survive at all!

While most expressed serious concerns over the safety of their phones and what is on them, very few actually do anything to protect them. More than 85 per cent have no way of tracking a lost or stolen phone, 60 per cent do not use a PIN or passcode and 74 per cent do not regularly back up personal contacts and information.

With less than two weeks to go until the ‘big day’, here are some simple tips on how to keep your mobile safe during the Christmas and New Year holiday period:

• Be crowd-aware

If you are at a Christmas party, in a busy shop or running around town on public transport, keep your phone tucked deep in your bag or in a zipped pocket out of sight.

• Lock the door

Set a password, PIN or a handset lock on your phone to make it difficult for anyone to use it if you lose it.

• Secure & protect

Use a free mobile security app like Lookout to safeguard your phone. If it goes missing you can track its location, sound an alarm and even wipe the contents remotely. Download Lookout in the Android Market or App Store.

• Think before you download

One of the most exciting things to do with your smartphone is explore all the great applications you can download onto it. But, as you explore make sure you only download apps from sites you trust, check the app’s rating and read the reviews to make sure it is widely used and respected.

• Don’t go public

Public Wifi networks are everywhere – coffee shops, train stations, cafes etc – but security for these networks is not. Be careful what you do on public Wifi, and in particular use extra caution when shopping and mobile banking unless you’re confident you have a secure connection.

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