My Review: Sony QX100 Lens


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New headphones from the House of Marley

Crafted from stainless steel, REWIND fabric and FSC® certified wood, MARLEY Liberate over-ears boast high performance drivers which make every listen just as the artist had intended, delivering both energy and power in the bottom end, with exceptional and crisp detail through both mid and high end. In addition, the new MARLEY Uplift incorporates a recyclable aluminium chassis with a wood centre, providing the perfect balance of style and high-quality sound.

MARLEY LiberateTM (RRP £89.99) and UpliftTM (RRP £29.99) headphones are available at

MARLEY LiberateTM on-ear headphones product specifications:

·         40MM dynamic moving coil driver with neodymium magnet

·         Ergonomically angled ear cups for a comfortable fit and sound isolation

·         Stainless steel head band

·         FSC certified Sapele wood

·         Soft leather ear cushions

·         4ft black and slate grey braided, tangle-free cable with 3-button controller

MARLEY UpliftTM In-ear headphones product specifications:

·         Recyclable aluminium chassis with FSC certified wood center

·         8mm dynamic moving coil drivers

·         4ft black and slate grey braided, tangle-free cable with 3-button controller

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Video: Sony Vaio Duo 13

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Send gifts instantly without a delivery address!

ParcelGenie is a fun, new app lets you send lovely, little gifts to your friends and family directly from your smartphone. You don’t even need to know their address and they can have any kind of mobile phone, it’s available on iPhone, most Android platforms and Windows Phone 7.

How it works?

The recipient replies to an SMS message and decides where they would like the gift delivered – as soon as they have provided a postal address, the gift is cutely gift-wrapped and dispatched First Class Royal Mail along with a printed personal message. So simple and a nice little touch to send to someone who you want to send a prezzie too.

To find out more check out or follow on Twittter @ParcelGenie.

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Here’s looking at you kid! New mobile app for families

New free mobile app 23snaps offers parents a private social network to keep close family and friends updated on their children’s lives

Grandparents all over the world will be celebrating the launch of 23snaps, the new free app that enables parents to privately share with a select network of family and friends, every special moment of their child’s lives. Featuring real-time updates of photos and footage, the app links families via their iPhone, iPad, or an email alert, so they can instantly see the first smile, step, or word!

23snaps is the brainchild of technology entrepreneur and father-to-be Ivailo Jordanov who says: “We thought there needed to be a quick and easy way to capture your child’s special moments, keep them in one place, always with you, and share them with your loved ones in real time. There is no better place to do this than on your phone. There are existing social networks where you are connected with a wide group of people, whereas 23snaps enables you to share these private moments with a small hand-selected group of family and close friends.”

Developed by a team of fathers and fathers-to-be the app will keep your family connected, simply and speedily, just add a child to your profile and get snapping! Mark the moments in your children’s lives on a virtual timeline and ‘tag’ them in different entries, whether it’s a photo, video, status update or a development milestone. The updates are in real-time, so the second something is added, your chosen few will get an instant notification. And if you don’t have an iPhone, no problem! Group members can still receive all posts, photos and updates via email in a daily or weekly package.

But more than just for family members, the app is perfect for parents themselves who are forced through work to spend time away from their family. Whether that be short business trips abroad or more prolonged periods of time such as working in the armed forces, wherever you are, the app allows you to stay connected with your child so you can still enjoy their every precious move.

The app allows families to share ‘snapshots’ in time. And with the 23rd chromosome deciding your baby’s sex – either an X (girl) or a Y (boy), and the combination of the two determining what you’re having – ‘23’ ‘snaps’ was born!

For more details go to

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