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The latest in cool wearable tech: The MisFit Shine

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The Shine is an elegant fitness activity monitor that can be worn on the wrist or as a discreet accessory anywhere on the body for up to 4 months without the need for charging. Fully waterproof, the Shine tracks a range of sporting activities including walking, cycling and swimming and it even monitors the users sleeping patterns. All information is fed back to an app for instant viewing of daily progress.

Synchronisation is quick and easy – simply place the Shine onto the screen of an iPhone and it will connect within seconds. The Shine is ideal for individuals that want something to seamlessly fit into their life without hassle.


Available from John Lewis

Price £99.95

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Four fab fitness gadgets for the new year

New year, new you and all that! Shake off those excess pounds with these four, fab fitness gadgets.


The CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer is great for all you budding cyclists out there who want to train indoors too in the winter months. Simply hook your bike up to the Pro Trainer and it basically becomes an indoor exercise bike.

Price £240  Available from


If you’re a fan of swimming and want to try and improve your technique then check out the Finis Forearm Fulcrum. This clever little strap improves your stroke by keeping your hand, wrist and elbow in the correct position.

Price £12 Available from


The Reebok EasyTone Step will develop your core strength. Small but very effective the EasyTone Step rests on air chambers that create an unstable surface improving your balance too.

Price £60 Available from


Always getting cold hands when running in winter, then the SealSkinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis Gloves are a January must have. They are waterproof, windproof, breathable and offer great grip too.

Price £30 Available from

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Unflattering Facebook photos top new poll of weight loss triggers

Pics of muffin tops, bingo wings and double chins on social networks make Brits more body conscious than ever before. This summer one in five Brits will be spurred on to get into shape after seeing themselves tagged in an unflattering Facebook photo or holiday snap.

The new research by Fitbit, America’s fastest growing fitness and wellbeing brand, revealed 20% of Brits now consider themselves to be more body conscious since the possibility of being tagged in a photo on Facebook or other social networks. And a third have had to de-tag themselves as they were embarrassed to appear fat and unattractive to their Facebook friends!

In fact, when it comes to getting in shape, Facebook shame came above preparing to bare all on holiday (17%) and not being able to squeeze into a favourite summer dress (16%), the traditional triggers to losing weight for summer.

Of course, when we do feel good about ourselves then we are more willing to be posted across social networks, with 40% more likely to share photos of themselves when content with their shape.

In the research of 2,000 Brits by One Poll, other key weight loss triggers include partners (14%) and healthcare professionals (11%) telling us that we need to shape up, seeing a friend or family member lose weight (7%), trimming down for a wedding (6%) and seeking a sex drive boost (4%).

The new Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, now available in the UK, helps monitor and manage weight, BMI and percentage body fat and syncs to the Fitbit profile, providing an overall picture of weight and fitness goals.

The Fitbit Aria (£99.99) is available to order now at and and Apple stores.

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Sport Chic: Tour de France Training Bike

The 2012 Tour de France will start on June 30 from Liège in Belgium and end on July 2 in Paris and is the world’s best known cycling race. Fancy taking part this year?

The Proform Tour de France indoor cycle is the official training bike for the competition and combines cycling’s most prestigious event with the latest technology.

The bike utilises iFit Live technology which is powered by Google Maps so users can see and experience the Tour de France course for themselves.

Basically, the route is pre-programmed and is viewed on Street View – just like you’re actually there. It also features Real Road Resistance technology which means the bike will incline and decline as it progresses along a route to simulate the mapped terrain. Fancy being King of the Mountains? You can compete against others with the same technology from around the world.

If users tire of the Tour de France route they can make up a course of their own using Google Maps. Maybe they would want to cycle the Great Ocean Road in Australia or along the coast of South Africa around Cape Town – they can all be cycled from your own front room!

The bike has been designed to provide the optimum cycling experience by simulating the combined resistance from four major factors that affect road cyclists: body size, wind resistance, road grade and tyre contact. All very clever.

By experiencing the thrills and spills of the Tour de France, people can take part in the world’s best cycle race without leaving the house!

The bike is priced at £1,299.  Find out more at

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Yoga Paws: ‘The Yoga Mat you Wear’

Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves that you wear on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo ‘The Yoga Mat You Wear.’

They also work with a yoga mat too, keeping you secure in every yoga pose. They are made with a yoga towel liner that absorbs seven times its weight in moisture so still work even if you break into a sweat!

Available around £29.99 on

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