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Gadget of the Week: ila Sport Pedometer Alarm

Help stay safe and fit with this combined pedometer, calorie-counter and alarm. It’s easy to use, and enables you to make the most of a workout without having to worry about safety.

Ideal for walkers, joggers or even if you walk to and from walk as the winter nights draw in. It comes with a whole host of features including calorie counter, pedometer, distance travelled, clock, backlight, lightweight, plus 130Db personal alarm, giving you that extra bit of confidence if you are out when it’s dark.

Lightweight and easy to use, it can be clipped to your belt or clothing or even carried in your hand. When activated it emits a high 130db siren! Perfect for alerting attention and you can also see if you are getting your 10,000 steps a day too –  as recommended by the Department of Health.

Available from

Price £19.50

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Sport Chic: Sensoglove for golf lovers

Simple to use this is a great gift for the golfing dad to help him finely tune his golf swing and ultimately improve his game. The Sensoglove is the first and only golf glove with built in sensors that measure your grip pressure when you are holding the club.

It helps you attain a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores. It has a small 1.2 inch detachable digital monitor on top of the glove which analyses the pressure of your grip throughout every stage of your golf swing. You then get audio and visual feedback if you exceed your target level of grip pressure. Ideal for golfing fans at every level.

Available from Price £50

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Jason Bradbury tells us about his latest charity challenge: The Swim

Any self respecting Gadget Show lover knows just how much Jason Bradbury will *NEVER* shy away from a challenge and this time he has only gone and excelled himself. He is swimming the Irish Sea in aid of charity – Cancer Research UK to be precise – in the hope of raising £1 million towards their lifesaving work. 

The Swim is a unique celebrity team challenge where JB will be joining team captains Richard Branson and Ronan Keating amongst other celeb swimmers, crossing the gruelling Irish Sea, swimming 56 miles from Holyhead to Dublin. WOW!!! No mean feat, I’m sure you’ll agree,  and when I met up with him recently to find out more, we chatted training, diet, (budgie smugglers) and of course his fave swim gadgets…


Why oh why?

Well, his agent sent him an email about this and his immediate reply was YES (in capitals!).  He openly admints he is not the best of swimmers and before accepting this challenge he hardly ever swam – futhermore he is asthmatic.  It was not only the cause that drove him on but also something on a more personal level that appealed to him. His brother was diagnosed with skin cancer and this made the challenge all the more relevant. Thankfully his brother now has the all clear but this was definitely one of his motivations for him doing this; coupled with his adventurous nature and a thirst to simply do something different.

Training Regime?

Not being able to do more than a single length when he started with his trainer Dan Bullock (an ex olympic level swimmer) Jason knew his work was cut out for him. With lots of effort and determination in 4 weeks he went from swimming one single length to swimming an hour of front crawl continuously. His PB is now 3mins 56 seconds for 200 metres (it may be even better than this now) and he trains twice a week (he assures us it’s all about technique – he swims from his buttocks and core – we like this bit).  He is loving the training, buzzing off endorphines and very grateful to his girlfriend who is super supportive of all the time he is having to put in to this.


PROTEIN/CARBS/PROTEIN/CARBS is his new mantra! He says it’s all about the carb loading. Maintaining a more even energy level through his diet, he is fighting fit and raring to go (as if he wasn’t excitable enough) and he even has a six pack! (I know, I’ve seen it -well, on a photo at least.)

What does it entail?

Briefly they will all be on the main boat with showers, food etc and they will then be taken out into the Irish Sea in a RIB. Then it’s a case of getting in the water away from the RIB (which has lights on it for the night swims) and away he goes, tracking himself, aligned with the boat and the lights. He will be swimming in pitch black, face down for an hour.  ‘It will be weird’ he says but quickly adds ‘no where near as difficult as someone telling you that you have cancer’…the harsh reality of what he is doing clearly rings true but it’s obvious his main focus is wanting to help the great cause that he will be swimming for.

When and Where?

It takes place this September 2011 in the sometimes violent and treacherous waters of the Irish Sea (almost three times the length of the English Channel). This 56-mile relay swim will be a gruelling 30-40 hour mission from Holyhead to Dublin. It’s not going to be easy for their team of 10 brave swimmers but they are all determined to make a success of it.

And Finally… Gadgdets, Speedos or Shorts?

He loves his baggy shorts but assures us it’s going to be sexy speedos all the way, a knife on his calf, eating a diet of pure of oysters that he opens with his knife. We should call him Bond,Jason Bond, (I’m thinking Daniel Craig, sea, Casino Royale…)  And as for gadgets he loves his Iron Man watch which records his length time by simply tapping the screen and his Speedo waterproof MP3 Player that he can listen to his audio books on whilst training.

Sponsor Jason

He needs your money! Please please please get involved, even a small donation will help to make a difference.   Click here to sponsor Jason.

For more details go to

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The MINI bike for urban mobility launches in August

MINI presents an eco-friendly, space saving solution to city centre parking hassles with its very first bike.

The MINI Folding Bike which launches in August 2011 and is available from all MINI dealerships is compact enough to fit into the boot of a MINI (except the MINI convertible where it will need the back seat!) when folded. For commuters, it’s a fantastic ‘Park and Ride’ accessory, enabling you to park out of town and then simply continue your journey in style. With many city centre car parks offering free bike bays, it’s a pocket-friendly, environmentally-conscious transport option featuring MINI’s unmistakable design credentials.

The MINI Folding Bike is a genuine high-tech vehicle: with high-quality components, a light-weight aluminium frame and a clever folding mechanism that enables the bike to be folded and unfolded in just a few seconds. The bike is folded along the crossbar and handlebars. In addition the saddle can be retracted and the pedals be folded up. This makes the bike extremely easy to handle whilst saving space.

 Fitted in a sleeve under the saddle is a practical transport bag. The MINI Folding Bike can easily match the riding characteristics of a “normal” bike. Weighing less than 11 kilos and equipped with 8 gears and 20-inch wheels, it is quick and versatile. The teflon-coated chain prevents annoying soiling caused by chain oil and reduces the wear and tear on the components. The comfortable gel saddle ensures comfort. Thanks to the front and rear mudguards, you can carry on peddling regardless, even in the rain. It also has decent visibility on the road with its accompanying reflectors.

The bike comes in matt black. Silver highlights are set by the MINI lettering on the crossbar, the brand logo on the handlebars and the Union Jack motif on the rear forks. The the bike chain and bell in bold neon yellow.

The MINI Folding Bike is available as of August 2011 for £499 at  and from all MINI dealerships. The bike comes fully assembled and ready to ride.  Additional accessories available soon.

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Hit the beach with the Hi Sun Beach Towel

Say hi to a world of beach, sun and music with the hi-Sun beach towel. It’s essentially a beach towel with built in speakers and when you’re done sunbathing it becomes a backpack. The perfect solution for the beach, camping of just chilling in the park  so you can soak up the rays listening to your favourite tunes.

It’s compatible with iPhone®, iPod® or any other MP3  player that has a 3.5mm universal jack, and when it needs washing simply remove the speakers and pop it in the machine.

Available from


  • Dimension: 180 cm x 80 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Speaker power: 2W/4ohm X 2
  • Frequency response: 100HZ—20KHZ
  • Output:4.2V/250MA
  • Li-ion battery
  • Colors: red, black, blue, pink
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