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Asus Google Nexus 7

nexus 7


This is a neat, compact tablet with a scratch resistant 7” display, powerful quad-core processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. It brings you the best of Google in a slim, portable device that fits perfectly in your hand or handbag for that matter.

Your Google Play library syncs automatically and with you have access to over 675,000 apps and games. The Nexus 7 also comes with some  content on it so you can start enjoying it straight out of the box too.

What I love about this tablet is that it comes with NFC  (Near Field Communication) so you can simply touch / go near other NFC supported devices to share information whether you’re sending files or streaming music or video, it’s all very quick and easy to do.

If you’re a fan of Skype the 1.2MP front facing camera is ideal for video calls and  the 5MP rear facing camera will take great photos and video too. It also features micro USB with SlimPort  so you can connect to your computer of other USB devices and display high def content on your HDTV as well. The handy headphone jack also allows you to listen to your tunes on the go.

This is a lightweight, powerful tablet and was a gift from Ladbrokes Poker to celebrate their poker site,  now available on Android.

The 16GB model will set you back around £150.

Tech Spec

Battery life  – Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth Enabled  – 4.0
Dimensions – H200 x W114 x D8.65mm
Graphics card  – Adreno 320
HDMI – Yes via SlimPort
Headphone socket -Yes
Internal Storage – 16GB
Memory Card Slots – No
Model name / number -NEXUS 7
NFC enabled – Yes
Operating system – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – 323PPI
Ports – Micro USB with SlimPort
Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064
Processor Speed  – 1.5GHz
Rear Facing Camera – 5 megapixels
Screen Resolution – 1920 x 1200
Screen Type – IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with scratch resistant Corning glass
Sound – Built-in Stereo Speakers
Visible Screen Size (measured diagonally) – 7.02″
Webcam – 1.2 megapixels
Weight – 290g
Wi-Fi/3G/4G – Wi-Fi only
Wireless Networking – Wi-Fi- 802.11b/g/n





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Top tips to declutter your desk!

I don’t know about you but as fast as I tidy my desk up it just seems to be a complete mess a nano later! What with all my gadgets, chargers, (sweeties) and loads of other bits I just can’t seem to keep on top of it all. Check out these handy gizmos to help you on your way to tidy desk heaven…

Cable Tidies

Get rid of cable spaghetti for good by using a decent cable tidy such as CableBox. Simply place your power strips and surplus cables in the box, closed the lid and done. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Multi Chargers

    Charge multiple gadgets at once by using multi device charging systems like the Zip Touch n Go. The small detachable cables with magnets at the end keep your gadgets connected to the charging base, take up less space and look pretty cool too.


      Use desk lamps that can charge mobile phones and MP3 players like the Podlamp. You can thread the cables neatly through the lamp to charge your gadgets while you’re working.

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        Geek Tip: Protecting your data online

        In modern times, it’s simply not enough anymore to back up your prized “digital” possessions on disc or removable media. It is now quite common to use cloud computing and online backup as an extra layer of security for preserving and safeguarding your files.

        For example, Dell IT services will help and allow you to backup your data so that it is stored somewhere else besides your home. However, even cloud computing and online backup can come with security issues.


        You can begin adding an extra layer of security for protecting your data online by installing and regularly using antivirus and anti-spyware software. Some malicious programs are designed to log every keystroke you make which can be bad news if you happen to make a login attempt to your online data while the malware is installed. Because this is a critical, common problem, it’s a good idea to make sure your anti-malware programs are updated regularly as well as used from time to time.


        Additionally, it’s a good idea to cycle through different passwords periodically. For example, you can keep a set of 5 passwords that you plan to use, and change them regularly every 30 days. This can drastically minimize your chances of having your online data tampered with or stolen. It only takes a few moments to change a password; it’s an extremely non-intrusive and simple method for significantly strengthening your online data’s security.

        Online Backup

        If you’re not already using online backup for your files, it’s a good idea to educate yourself and find out just how it can benefit you. If you’ve got a significant amount of data that you can’t afford to lose, it may be a good idea to start looking into cloud computing and online backup as a straightforward and affordable solution.

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        Keep your smartphone safe this Christmas

        Christmas and New Year is a time to be merry and full of festive cheer. But when it comes to losing or having your mobile phone stolen, cheer can soon turn to tears, according to Lookout Mobile Security .

        In a recent survey conducted by Lookout among mobile users, around two-thirds admitted they were ‘very worried’ or ‘worried’ about their phone being lost or stolen, a figure that is set to rise as we embark on a series of parties, presents and pantomimes and of course booze! A third of those questioned confessed that they could last just a couple of minutes to acouple of hours if their phone was lost or stolen – 10 per cent couldn’t survive at all!

        While most expressed serious concerns over the safety of their phones and what is on them, very few actually do anything to protect them. More than 85 per cent have no way of tracking a lost or stolen phone, 60 per cent do not use a PIN or passcode and 74 per cent do not regularly back up personal contacts and information.

        With less than two weeks to go until the ‘big day’, here are some simple tips on how to keep your mobile safe during the Christmas and New Year holiday period:

        • Be crowd-aware

        If you are at a Christmas party, in a busy shop or running around town on public transport, keep your phone tucked deep in your bag or in a zipped pocket out of sight.

        • Lock the door

        Set a password, PIN or a handset lock on your phone to make it difficult for anyone to use it if you lose it.

        • Secure & protect

        Use a free mobile security app like Lookout to safeguard your phone. If it goes missing you can track its location, sound an alarm and even wipe the contents remotely. Download Lookout in the Android Market or App Store.

        • Think before you download

        One of the most exciting things to do with your smartphone is explore all the great applications you can download onto it. But, as you explore make sure you only download apps from sites you trust, check the app’s rating and read the reviews to make sure it is widely used and respected.

        • Don’t go public

        Public Wifi networks are everywhere – coffee shops, train stations, cafes etc – but security for these networks is not. Be careful what you do on public Wifi, and in particular use extra caution when shopping and mobile banking unless you’re confident you have a secure connection.

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        Top up your tech savvy with these quick ‘how to’ tips

        How to download a TV show from iTunes

        Why? To watch your fave TV show on your TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod.

        What you need? iTunes and an Apple ID to access your iTunes store account.

        How? Open iTunes, select store and sign in using your ID. Click on TV programmes at the top of the screen and use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for your chosen show. Click on ‘Buy’ and once downloaded it will be available under ‘TV shows’ to view.

        How to make an online photo album

        Why? To share and back up photos quickly and easily.

        What you need? A computer, digital photos and an internet connection.

        How? Choose a photo sharing website such as Log in, and then click on upload. Select your photos to upload, add titles and description. To share your pictures with family and friends, click on groups, choose public or private, then click create. Add your group name and start adding your photos.

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