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Multi-Tasking Mums Turn Back Time Online

In a world of smart phones and gadgets galore it is no surprise that Britain’s mums are becoming evermore dependent on the internet. Amidst the chaos of juggling home and family life, busy mums across the country admit to having to go online EVERY HOUR so that they can feel more in control.

New research released today by British Gas shows that 7 out of 10 mums are turning to the internet to cope with their increasingly hectic lives. Despite Mums spending the least amount of time online, the research shows that mums optimise their time online by focusing on completing essential day to day tasks rather than entertainment or socialising with friends online.

They are saving valuable time each day by going online for routine daily tasks, such as managing finances and paying energy bills; at the same time as doing the housework (39%), whilst on the toilet!! (22%), pushing a buggy (10%) and seeing their children off at the school gates (7%).

Busy mums can make the most of using the internet for essential day to day tasks, to help them save time, money and hassle, up to an hour and day and £100 a year!

My Top Tips for Saving Time Online

  • Waiting for the kids to come out of school – make use of the spare five minutes to search for a restaurant deal and book a table online for that dinner with friends you’ve been meaning to organise
  • Getting a haircut – make use of the downtime by paying your energy bills and checking you’re getting the best deal
  • Going on a long car journey – do your weekly shop online which not only saves you time getting to the supermarket, but means you can make the most of online deals which can save you money too
  • Save money on parking and shop online whilst watching TV rather than trekking to the high street. Much more fun, you don’t have to battle with the crowds!
  • Need DIY jobs doing on the house or a repair to an appliance and just haven’t got the time to look for a handyman – let someone else take the strain by booking an engineer whilst you’re in a taxi on your way for a night out with friends
  • Keep meaning to book airport transfers for the holiday, use a smartphone app to book a taxi online whilst on the train to work, rather than phoning around trying to get the best deal
  • Make the most of the commute by checking your bank balance, you can even pay your utility bill online and check you’re getting the best deal
  • Waiting in the queue for your morning coffee, make use of the free wifi and check out flights for your next weekend away
  • Don’t wait on hold for 10 minutes that costs time and money, book a doctor or dentist appointment online and schedule the appointment yourself
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