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From your iPad to your iPhone…style that works

These days let’s face it, how many us can live without our tech?!  (Not me!)  At Knomo they are all about making great bags and techcessories that not only protect your gadgets but look fab too. They are more than just bags, a Knomo is a ‘smart’ bag that keeps everything where you need it, from laptop and iPad compartments to handy pockets inside and out for your keys, purse and phone. Check out my top 3 faves from

Oria Tote

I’m currently trying out the Oria full leather slouch tote bag (with detachable strap) and it is perfect for my MacBook air – or any other 13″ laptop for that matter. It comes in Black or Cognac and it has a feel of ‘Chloe’ about it. The handy zip pockets at the front are great for easy access to my phone and Oyster card. There’s also bags of space even with my laptop in so it’s perfect for an everyday work bag as it can fit my make up, walk to work pumps and everything else I need on a daily basis – oh yeh and it looks good too. Great for techie fashionistas!

Price £235


The Avignon 13” and 15″ are quilted ultra slim briefcases and are really easy to carry with their short leather handles, again comes with a handy  detachable shoulder strap. The internal space is solely for your laptop, but external pockets at the front and back can hold your laptop cable or a magazine. As with all knomo products, the Avignon also comes with a unique tracker ID number printed on the double-stitched tag within, to help reunite you with your bag if lost. A must-have ‘techcessory’ for girls-about-town who like to carry their laptop, and not much more. Available in scotch-guarded nylon or in Limited Edition felt.

Price £65 (for 13″)

Lola Tote

Pebbled Leather with gold hardware, this cool looking tote is ideal for everyday use. It’s multi-functional and your laptop fits neatly into the specially designed pouch. The sides snap-fasten to help easily remove and replace your tech inside. There is a large zipped compartment at the front with sections for pens, keys and your mobile phone, so no rummaging around when you are out and about and your phone rings! Slightly different shape than the Oria and longer shoulder straps if that’s the style you prefer.

Price £255

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London Girl Geek Dinners 7th Anniversary

Seven years ago last Thursday London Girl Geek Dinners was founded, from which has grown the whole worldwide Girl Geek Dinners organisation. So they decided to celebrate with a little party that I was lucky enough to get an invite to.

Girl Geek Dinners was started by Sarah Lamb from, after one too many tech dinners where she was patronised or ignored. She wanted to create geeky environments where it was normal for women to be in the majority. A lovely touch is Girl Geek Dinners “one male per female” rule – a key principle to make sure that they don’t themselves end up excluding men.

The birthday party was held in Mozilla’s London MozSpace. This is what you see as you walk in.

Mozilla Welcome Sign

Other sponsors included Naked Wines, who provided enough wine to quench the thirst of 100 geeks, plus a voucher for everyone to take away with them, Thoughtworks, who brought some cupcakes, and Millie’s Cookies who donated a giant birthday cookie.

I have to say that this was one of the most laid back “networking” events that I have ever been to – the atmosphere made it feel like I was just sitting around in a friend’s sitting room.

But there were a couple of speakers. Aimee Maree gave a thought-provoking talk on internet trolls and BBC Click’s Kate Russell talked us through the contents of her (brand withheld by BBC impartiality rules) smartphone.

Lovely people, a lovely evening at a lovely space in London. I can’t wait until the next event at Facebook!

This post first appeared on Zoe Cunningham’s blog.

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Five things to do with the new underground wifi

1. At every station, stop and make sure you’re connected to the internet. This will send and receive emails automatically so you can read and write them in between stations.

2. When you are internet range make sure you open Twitter to force a sync. Then you can read tweets in between stations. You’ll need to wait until you’re back within internet range to (re)tweet.

3. DrawSomething will only work in the internet-enabled stations so you’ll probably only be able to do one task at a time i.e. draw or guess. If your drawing is anything like mine you run the risk of the quality getting even worse if you have to do it in a rush!

4. There isn’t enough coverage for internet streaming radio to work, but you can download a short podcast in a station to listen to between stops, using Apple’s new podcast application that downloads podcasts directly from the internet rather than via iTunes.

5. You have just the right amount of time to upload a blog post that you can write between stops. I’m using the Weebly mobile app at the moment.

This article was first published on Zoe Cunningham’s blog.

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Fashion Chic: play music from your handbag…

The Groove Bag Plus is a faux leather bag with a built in iPod doc and two speakers. It’s sort of like a giant clutch so you can listen to your tunes on the move.

The new, improved Groove Bag Plus adds an amplifier to complement its practical styling. Slip your iPod in the custom fit pocket, plug in the amplified speakers, and hit Play. There’s a side zipper that allows access to the docking cable for charging the iPod and an internal pocket built specially for the AC adapter and cable.


* Dimensions: 13.3″ (34 cm) long x 8.8″ (22 cm) high x 5.1″ (13 cm) wide

* Weight: 1.7 lbs (0.8 kg)

* Material: Artificial leather and other petroleum derivatives

* Speakers: 57 mm diameter, 8 ohm, 0.5 W max

* Amplifier: 4 AA batteries, 8 ohm, 3.3″ (8.4 cm) long x 3.3″ (8.4 cm) high x 1.1″ (2.8 cm) wide

Price £82

Available from

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