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Send gifts instantly without a delivery address!

ParcelGenie is a fun, new app lets you send lovely, little gifts to your friends and family directly from your smartphone. You don’t even need to know their address and they can have any kind of mobile phone, it’s available on iPhone, most Android platforms and Windows Phone 7.

How it works?

The recipient replies to an SMS message and decides where they would like the gift delivered – as soon as they have provided a postal address, the gift is cutely gift-wrapped and dispatched First Class Royal Mail along with a printed personal message. So simple and a nice little touch to send to someone who you want to send a prezzie too.

To find out more check out or follow on Twittter @ParcelGenie.

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Top tips to declutter your desk!

I don’t know about you but as fast as I tidy my desk up it just seems to be a complete mess a nano later! What with all my gadgets, chargers, (sweeties) and loads of other bits I just can’t seem to keep on top of it all. Check out these handy gizmos to help you on your way to tidy desk heaven…

Cable Tidies

Get rid of cable spaghetti for good by using a decent cable tidy such as CableBox. Simply place your power strips and surplus cables in the box, closed the lid and done. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Multi Chargers

    Charge multiple gadgets at once by using multi device charging systems like the Zip Touch n Go. The small detachable cables with magnets at the end keep your gadgets connected to the charging base, take up less space and look pretty cool too.


      Use desk lamps that can charge mobile phones and MP3 players like the Podlamp. You can thread the cables neatly through the lamp to charge your gadgets while you’re working.

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        And finally a bag that does it all…

        As the fashion world embraces the rise of the designer laptop and iPad totes, could yours be letting you down in the fashionista stakes? For the girl that needs to carry it all – you can now do it in style with the new toffee day bag and zip-around wallet.

        Cleverly proportioned to provide compartments for all of your daily carrying needs, the day bag stylishly has a protective quilted MacBook/laptop compartment, tailored pockets for your iPhone/smartphone, paperwork and handbag essentials, plus a front zip section to hold your iPad/tablet as well – and with everything neatly in its own place, there will be no more endless searching for your keys!

        For those days when you don’t need to carry much, lighten the load with the toffee zip-around wallet. More than just a wallet, it can be used as a handy ‘mini bag’ or evening clutch as it smartly features a dedicated slip pocket for your iPhone as well as the usual compartments for coins, cards and notes, allowing you to keep your phone secure and protected without being tied to your heavy bag.


        The toffee day bag is available in classic red or black top-grain leather priced at £189.95. Dimensions suit a 13″ MacBook or Notebook plus an iPad or Tablet.

        The zip-around wallet is available in red, tan and croc black luxury leather, priced at £59.95. Dimensions suit the iPhone 4/4s and phones of equivalent size.

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        Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

        This ultrathin keyboard cover by Logitech not only protects your iPad screen but also features a built-in keyboard that pairs via Bluetooth. It attaches to your iPad with a clever magnetic clip and as it is lightweight aluminum it won’t weigh you down either. Whether you want to send an email or watch a movie the built in stand holds your iPad at the best angle too. Slim and stylish, this is an easy and convenient way to make the most out of your iPad and saves you having to have a keyboard and screen protector separately.

        Price £89.99

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        Website Review: Style Nibble

        I am a classic 21st century girl. I like clothes, but I don’t have time to shop. Back in March 2011 I reviewed the ShopStyle app. I still think it’s a great app, but it has one serious downside that no-one could have predicted – too many clothes. It turns out that if you’re too busy to shop, you’re also too busy to wade through pages and pages of bargain mini-dresses. You’d rather have choice of a smaller number of items targeted at you.

        That’s where Style Nibble comes in. Founded by Heather Bird and Nigel Whiteoak, both previously with online site, Style Nibble aims to provide you with a manageable number of fashion recommendations to suit you.

        The site works using a combination of automated matching based on previously revealed preference, and selection by a real-life stylist. The results are rather good.

        Style Nibble Quiz

        You start by taking a simple style quiz. Don’t worry, this isn’t a difficult questionnaire where you need to enter your measurements, body shape and countless other pieces of information that you don’t have to hand. It takes about 3 minutes and all you have to do it to look at some pictures and say which one you like best. Ooo, I like the Reese Witherspoon look.

        Once you’ve finished the questionnaire you get assigned to a stylist, who has their own facebook page, twitter account and email, where you can ask them questions. I’m with Olivia.

        A picture of my stylist!

        I signed up a few weeks ago and I’ve been very impressed by the results. Aside from picking trousers that I really liked and a dress I already owned, the site recommended me a comfy below the knee skirt that I wouldn’t have thought to get otherwise and which I know is going to be a perfect addition to my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter.

        The site is still very new, and there are some annoyances, such as having to repeatedly log in, even when clicking through from a recommendation email, but even so I think this fills a much-needed gap in the market. Viva la Style Nibble!

        This post was first published on Zoe Cunningham’s blog.

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