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Introducing The Aeroskull from Jarre Technologies

Jarre Technologies, founded by the musical ledge, Jean Michel Jarre has unveiled its latest speaker system, the Aeroskull.

The Aeroskull features two 15 Watt speakers hidden behind sunglasses with an impressive 40 Watt Sub Woofer covering the whole of the back of the skull as well as 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), to deliver an uncompromising listening experience.

Jean Michel Jarre first used the image of the skull in 1976 on the cover of his world renowned album, Oxygene which sold over 15 million copies. He says, “For me, the skull symbolises the perfect acoustic instrument – it is the sound box for word, song and music.” mmmm….very deep JM!

The Aeroskull is compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPods and a jack cable can also connect to any Mp3 player, computer or CD/DVD player. Bluetooth simplifies connection to any smartphone and the listening experience is optimised by the APTX codecs.

Available in 11 striking colours, there is a choice to suit every taste and interior. Pretty cool we think.

Price £349

Tech Spec

50Hz to 20kHz +3db

1×102mm (4,00in) bass
2×57mm (2,25in) satellite

Total Output Power: 70W RMS @ 1% Total Harmonic
Distorsion (120W RMS @ 10% THD).
Woofers 2 x 15W; subwoofer 1 x 40W

4.50 KGS

30-pin iPod connector
3.5mm mini jack

ABS Chrome plated or painted

APTX et A2DP codecs

IR remote control
11 colours

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VooMoteZapper Universal Remote Control

The VooMote Zapper attaches to the dock connector of your iPhone, iPad or iTouch and adds an infrared functionality which allows you to control all your electronic devices. A set up wizard guides you through the entire process in just minutes making the Zapper easy to use. The software is available as a free App. It will transform your Apple device into an entire home entertainment solution in minutes. Control pretty much all of your tech including: TVs, DVRs, speakers, satellite receivers and more.

Price £59.95  Available from

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