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90″ LED TV anyone?

Sharp today announces that the mahoosive 90” LC-90LE757, the world’s largest LED TV is now available to buy in Europe.

The AQUOS 3D LED TV, which stands at over 1.2 meters in height, is the ultimate TV for those looking for the most immersive viewing experience. With the latest generation XGEN 3D panel, developed and produced by Sharp, it not only offers world leading size, but supreme image quality as well.

It is fully connected to all the usual consumer content through the AQUOS NET+ portal open browser. You’re getting internet browsing, seamless integration with smart mobile devices, access to premium VOD content and Skype ready. It also comes with Sharp’s new AQUOS Remote Lite app for both iOS & Android, that turns a user’s mobile into both a fully functioning remote control as well as an easy way to surf the net.

The TV has a built-in triple HD tuner (DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S2) and a media player which allows common photo, video and music formats to be played easily from USB sticks or directly from a home network.

Only one problem I can see, do you have a house big enough to fit this in?!

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Save money on energy bills with Smart Meters

British Gas are about to install their millionth smart meter, giving households greater control and understanding of their energy usage. It’s essentially going to revolutionise how families and households approach to energy consumption.

Households should be able to save on average around 5% on their energy bills, which equals around £65 per year, by utilising their smart meter.

How it works

Smart meters allow you to:

· Display energy use as you use it, for the first time: households will be able to see how much gas and electricity is being used and the cost in £ and pence, making it easier to identify waste and save on bills

· Put an end to estimated bills: by sending energy suppliers exact meter readings automatically, meaning customers will only pay for the energy they use

Britain will be nearly £14 billion better off thanks to the introduction of smart meters to British homes and businesses, according to a new report published by British Gas and Oxford Economics.

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Introducing the UKs fastest wireless hub from Virgin Media

Back from a great morning checking out the latest broadband offering from Virgin Media  – the new Super Hub 2. We were nestled away in their secret, central london bunker with the Virgin Media ‘innovators’. Geeks, Profumo and MPs – that’s all I’m saying.

The new Super Hub is the UK’s fastest wireless hub and it looks pretty slick too. With decent build quality from Netgear, you can enjoy the best wifi experience, be it web browsing, streaming or playing games on all of your devices at the same time.

With its dual concurrent technology, you can access two wifi channels whenever you’re online. – 2.4GHz (the one you use now) and 5GHz. We streamed content, played games through the cloud, had multiple devices connected and the speed was still very impressive.  You also get an extra wireless antenna for getting even better coverage at home.

Overall this really is an impressive wireless hub; if you are looking for a new broadband provider this is a serious contender and it looks nice too!

For more information and a complete overview of the new Super Hub click here:

For tech specs click here:

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Top ten ways to protect your mobile phone

A smartphone is more than just a convenient device, it allows us to connect to the world online. The advances in smartphone technology over the past few years have been huge. Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks to this new age of information is that it makes it a valuable target for thieves.

Check out these top 10 handy tips so you can minimise the risk of having your smartphone stolen.

10) Password Protection:
Always use a password to protect your personal information. By using a strong password, you can protect your data until you have deactivated your handset in the event of it being stolen.

9) Keep Alert:
Be discrete and watchful when using your phone out and about. One of the biggest reasons smartphones get stolen is when they are left behind at restaurants, bars and other public places.

8) Tracking Apps:
Install a tracking app, helps you and the police locate your phone your and with the help of a GPS signal it could take you straight to the thieves!that takes them straight to the thieves.

7) Keep Important Info
Keep the model number of your phone, the unique device ID number and the serial number stored separately so you can report these numbers to the police. For iPhone users, you can go to “Settings”, select “General” followed by “About” and it will display your phone’s IMEI code, serial number and model of your iPhone. Saving these numbers can save you a great deal of headaches.

6) Insure your phone
Insuring your mobile phone is another way to protect your investment. It pays to have all the protection you can and having this type of insurance can save you money as well.

5) Change Passwords:
Change passwords on your email accounts, social network sites, banks, health care and any sensitive information if your phone gets stolen.that could be accessed by your smartphone.

4) Be Careful with your Smartphone:
Thieves can come from anywhere so always try and be aware.

3) Minimize your Personal Information:
If at all possible, keep your personal information on your smartphone to a minimum.

2) Have a Backup Phone:
You can purchase “emergency” phones very cheaply and keep in the car for example so you could make an emergency call if need be.

1) Brick the Phone:
As soon as possible after your smartphone is stolen, report the theft to the police and your network.

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