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GirlGeekChic Blogging Event

You are invited to the:


Thursday, 3 October 2013 at 18:30pm (BST)

@ Aura Mayfair, London

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Calling all geeks and bloggers! Come along for a fun evening of tech networking with complimentary cocktails and canapes to meet like minded techies and bloggers at the exclusive Aura Mayfair club. Hear from our expert speakers about how to monetize your blog and turn your blogging passion into a profit! If you want to carry on partying after the event, please stay on with us at Aura Mayfair….

We hope you can make it!


Nikki x

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Review: Sony VAIO Pro 13

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Shaken AND Stirred

This little gadget takes me right back to my BBC2 Something for the Weekend gadget round-ups! If Bond made a smoothie he would definitely use Zoku’s Slushy and Milkshake Maker. Sharp, smooth and always on the money, you are only seven minutes away from your perfect iced drink with this sleek, purple device. Freeze the core and then stir in your favourite tipple for the perfect crunch in a heat-wave.

The Zoku Slushy and Milkshake Maker won’t shake your wallet either, selling for just £19.95 at


· Durable, easily cleaned purple outer sleeve that insulates the frozen core and keeps the outer layer at a level temperature.

· Long, trendy spoon designed for optimal manoeuvrability and grip

· Huge 9 Ounce capacity

· Recipe ideas and instructions included.

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Get the cinema experience in your own home

The suspense. The surround sound. The atmosphere!

The cinema is an exciting and totally immersive experience that until recently could not be replicated. With today’s technology though, we can capably recreate the big screen experience in our own homes with the added bonus of home comfort.

Here are some top tips and essential gadgets to  if you want to create the ultimate cinematic experience in your own home:

The cinema room

Firstly you need to make sure you have your room prepared. In an ideal world this would be a sound-proofed room separate from the other rooms, perhaps in the loft, a converted basement or a garage. A separate room will allow you the space to have a larger TV, speaker system and gadgets integrated around the room. If this isn’t possible though, a living room will be more than sufficient as your cinema.

When preparing a room for a home cinema, consider your available space. You don’t want a TV that’s way too small for the room and you’re squinting to see, and equally you don’t need a completely overpowering sound system designed for a music festival! Take measurements of the room and draw out a plan of how you see the furniture being arranged.

Paint the room a darker colour if possible (this is why it’s a good idea if your cinema can be in a separate room so it doesn’t impact on your living area) so that it makes the room darker when the lights are out.


You absolutely need to have a 3D cinema TV – one of the new ones from LG that comes with built-in Sky is perfect. The NOW TV app allows you to have subscription-free on demand films, sports, catch-up TV and music. If you go for a slim-line 3D smart TV, you can get a wall mount from Currys to hold it in place.

When picking an audio system, make sure it’s compatible with Dolby Digital for the ultimate surround sound experience. It works by delivering audio through 5.1 channels rather than two like stereo for a completely realistic sound.

A comfortable sofa or some arm chairs are also a must – there’s nothing more distracting when watching a film than not being able to get comfortable in your seat. A reclining armchair or one that comes with a footrest is best for optimal luxury.

To make the experience completely immersive like the cinema, you want to make the room as dark as possible. Get some blackout blinds like these to eliminate any light trying to creep in through windows or door frames.


Once you’ve got your essentials, if your budget will allow you to splash out on some extras, there are some great ways to enhance the room. You could install a popcorn maker (if you choose one that cooks with hot air it’s much healthier than cooking with butter or oil) and reclining cinema seats with cup holders – this article has a list with some options.

In terms of audio, if you’re going all out, you really need a THX system. Pioneered by George Lucas, the technology sets standards for room acoustics, and a dedicated team will install it to ensure the speakers, screen and seats are in the optimal positions as well as providing the best viewing angles, lighting levels and so on. The price tag may mean it’s just for the die-hard film fans, but if you can afford it –  it’s worth it.

If you want a no-expense spared professional home cinema installed in your home, visit Cinema Rooms at

Click here for how to video

With a home cinema theatre installed, you can watch the best current films without even having to leave the house. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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