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Bluetooth Christmas Tree Anyone? Hell yeah!

bluetooth christmas tree

Ok, it’s December tomorrow so I’m now officially letting myself get excited and blog about all things Christmas. We decorated the house this weekend with the kids, and this tree was by far the highlight of their, ok, our weekend. It’s so cool. It’s a gorgeous looking tree that comes complete with twinkly fairy lights and a star on top, but wait for it; the best bit, you can connect to it via Bluetooth. It then plays your Christmas tunes and the lights even ‘dance’ in time to the music! Or the proper name – Music Match Bluetooth Light System. It’s super kitsch at it’s best but we loved it, the kids loved it, heck even the neighbours loved it. It looks fab and it’s fun too. Great size and shape, easy to set up and no messy lights to detangle that make you mad!

For more deets check it out here - Bluetooth Christmas Tree 


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