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Love Chic: a Valentines gift for those who have everything…

OnlyRoses, the UK’s finest specialist rose florist has created the ‘Rose Drop’, where 1,000 premium Ecuadorian roses are dropped by helicopter outside a lover’s house or garden, for the ultimate Valentine’s bouquet. This is *clearly* a gift from someone who hasn’t been hit by the recession!

OnlyRoses offer the highest quality fresh-cut, premium Ecuadorian roses with a choice of 250 different varieties, in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, up to 1.80 meters tall. The roses are sourced directly from Ecuador three times a week, ensuring they are the freshest and have a longer vase life than any roses found in England.

In addition, their new lasting range, The Infinite Roses, are real premium Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved to last a year or longer. They cannot be told apart from their fresh counterparts, and come in natural, as well as many other unusual colours, like black, purple, blue and dark green. The most stunning arrangements can be made with these lasting roses to fit any style or space.

The Rose Drop costs £9,640 for delivery on Valentine’s Day (or 11th-15th Feburary)

For more details (if you are reallllly rich) check out

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