Vegas Diary – Day 3 – Back to the Future


CES opened its doors today and the tech fest officially opened. A notable trend at this year’s CES was the coming together of retro and high tech. Polaroid unveiled its Socialmatic today – the touchscreen, 14MP camera that instantly prints your images like the retro Polaroid and also uses Android to connect to your favourite Apps and share your photos. The perfect blend of the old and the new from


Fujifilm launched an addition to its Instax range at CES, unveiling the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. The instant camera looks gorgeous with its classic camera looks but is also packed with some great photographic features – bulb and double exposures, macro mode and high performance flash. Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic will shortly be retailing for around $199


Audio firm Ion showcased its stylish Archive LP Digital Conversion Turntable with Speakers at CES. Its retro look belies the clever technology packed into this product. The natural wood, all in one turntable converts your records into digital files on your computer ready to take on the go on your portable media device. Thanks to in-built stereo speakers you can play your favourite tracks in an instant. Alternatively you can connect it to your home stereo using the RCA outputs


Soundfreaq has really been making an impact here at CES. Last month the firm launched the retro looking Sound Spot ($69.99) – jammed full of great technology and audio capability. The small, square, wireless speaker range can be moved around your home to create some seriously sizeable audio. Working with Bluetooth and an internal rechargeable battery this is one highly functional and great looking home speaker system

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January Lust Have

unmonday speaker

Unmonday has launched at CES today a  funky looking wireless, ceramic multi channel speaker. The patented hexagonal design represents six distinct settings. You can use either the right, left, rear-right, rear-left, or centre speaker as your primary, or, switch to mono mode, pretty neat stuff. The speaker has no hard set up process and no running wires, it simply streams audio from  your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac over Wi-Fi across one to five speakers. Looks sexy too.

Available online at Unmonday and in UK Apple stores soon,  price around £580.

Tech Spec

Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 21 x 21 cm

Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.7 x 8.3 x 8.3 in

Weight: 5.2 kg

Colours / Enclosure: White Vitro Porcelain

Colours / Canvas Grill: Snow White, 100% Recycled PES

Integrated Power Supply: 110 – 240 VAC input, 26 VDC output

Battery: Li-ion, 6S1P, 2600 mAh

Battery time: 8 hrs

Power Supply Housing: Plastic

Power Amplifier: Class D 20 W

Speaker Driver: 6” Full Range Speaker, MarkAudio Alpair Gold 10.3, Unmonday Edition

External Connections: 3.5 mm Line-input

Wireless Receiver: WiFi Apple AirPlay

Motion Sensor: 3 Axis


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Blu-ray: 10 great things you should know!

New research commissioned by the British Video Association says that the average British living room is stuck in 1992! OMG!! Although over 11 million households have ‘all singing’ ‘all dancing’ HD ready TV, the majority of us still own a VHS player or DVD player alongside it. To be honest that’s like buying a Ferrari and driving it to the corner shop!

New generation Blu-ray players are now more affordable than ever and with Christmas just around the corner what better present for the whole family to enjoy. It’s time to ditch our old tech, move with the times and go for a bit of Blu! 

1. A One Stop Shop

Your new Blu-ray player will also play DVDs and CDs perfectly – so clear out the clutter and use it for all your entertainment needs.

2. Pixel Perfect Pictures

Blu-ray gives your favourite films a whole new look, with up to 5 times the picture quality of DVD discs.

3. Listen in

Blu-ray isn’t just about the visuals – with the option of stunning digital surround sound you will hear the difference too.

4. Could you be ready already?

Remember – if you have a Blu-ray Disc Player or a Playstation 3® and an HD Ready TV, you’re ready to see the benefits of Blu-ray. All you need to do is check you’ve got the right HDMI cable.

5. Get with the programme

Don’t get left behind – Blu-ray isn’t just a flash in the pan. All the major Hollywood studios are on board – it is the format of the future.

6. Idiot Proof Simplicity

You don’t have to worry about technology. Blu-ray is simple to use. Plug in and press play!

7. Packed with Extras

If experiencing films with the best sound and images ever isn’t enough, you can get more of them. The extra capacity of Blu-ray players allows you to immerse yourself in interviews, commentaries, games, image libraries and extra scenes.

8. Access all Areas

With its cutting edge BD Live function; Blu-ray users can access unique content online – such as chats with film directors, interactive quizzes and downloadable trailers.

9. Hard as Nails

Worried about keeping your precious new discs safe from the kids? Don’t be – coated in a special resistant layer, they are harder to ruin.

10. Blu in name and nature

It is Blu-ray for a reason – discs are read by a blue-violet laser with a short wavelength. You don’t need to worry about the science – just remember it’ll help your machine read the massive amounts of data packed onto the disc.

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My BBC2 ‘Something for the Weekend’ Gadgets

Sony ICF-CL75iP Alarm Clock

The Sony ICF-CL75iP alarm clock is so much more than an annoying bedside device to wake you up in the morning.

It has a 7-inch WVGA screen, 1GB of internal storage (and a USB port for more), a retractable iPod dock and an FM radio. It may seem kind of excessive to have an extra screen when an iPod or iPhone is sitting right there, but the clock can actually play videos too (MP4, Motion JPEG and AVI).

The alam clock has been a feature of the bedside table for the best part of 150 years, but it seems that more than 50% of all mobile phone users now set an alarm on their handset before climbing into bed, rather than using a traditional bedside clock.

Sony’s ICF-CL75iP alarm clock is a step forward in terms of alarm clock technology and they hope to bring back the traditional way to wake you up, as well as offering a modern solution for those who like all-in-one gadgets.

It’s a great little thing to take with you on holiday, on a business trip or anmy kind of travel, as it has so many functions in one, including the capability to watch a film.

The Sony’s ICF-CL75iP is available for around £120

Handpresso Domepod

The new Handpresso Domepod is a portable, hand powered and eco-friendly espresso coffee maker, which now works with all of your favourite ground coffee, unlike previous models where you need special cartridges.

The big selling point of the Handpresso Domepod is it’s lightweight portability, meaning you don’t need a huge coffee machine to get the same great tasting results, not only that, but also the amount of money you’d save by not plugging in a huge espresso maker and using this eco alternative.

The Handpresso is good if you’re going camping, spending an afternoon fishing, having a picnic, going to a festival etc, all you need to make a real espresso is this machine.

Working the device is simple, all you do is use the hand pump to build some pressure up, fill up the Domepod with you’re ground coffee, place some hot water in the reservoir and press the pressure release button, easy.

It’s available now online for around £80

Race in a Case

The Race in a Case Slot Racing Track is a unique eco-friendly alternative to other classic head-to-head tabletop racing games. Instead of having to use mountains of batteries or plug in the mains and run up your electricity bills, the Race in a Case runs purely on wind-up power.

Its hand-cranked electricity and speed generator technology gives a player all the power and control in order to have more fun.

The main selling point of the product is its portability due to its lightweight design, it’s eco-friendly (the fact you can take it anywhere and don’t need to worry about finding a power supply) and there’s minimum assembly as it’s all contained in a hard heavy-duty plastic casing that you simply unfold.

The more you wind the controller, the more you accelerate, the less you decelerate or maintain speed. The aim is to beat your opponent and win by depending solely on your manual winding skills and self-control. Also included in the case are various decorations to spruce up your racetrack and make it look more realistic, i.e. a chequered flag, landscape backgrounds, fake starting line lights etc.

Race in a Case Racing Track will be available online from the 14th October from around £50.

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