Share the power! Charge two devices at once with Pocketcell Duo


The new Innergie Pocketcell™ Duo is an ultra-compact, rechargeable battery bank with 6,800amH capacity basically enough for 4 smartphone charges. It fits neatly into your pocket or handbag so great if you’re always on the go or going travelling.

It has two built-in USB ports and it features the  Magic Cable Trio. This cable features an Apple-compliant tip, plus a micro USB and mini USB tip, so you won’t be digging in your bag searching for the right charger any more. It gives you the flexibility to plug in any over 10,000 different USB-chargeable devices anytime, anywhere.

You can add hours of life to your mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets, Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones, and many other USB-rechargeable portable devices, like iPods, cameras, game consoles and media players quickly and easily.

Smart Charge

The intelligent device has been designed to detect which USB port is being used and how much power is required to boost the battery life of the mobile device that is being charged. So whether you are using one or both USB ports on the PocketCell™ Duo, it only delivers the required battery boost and then automatically stops charging your device. When you need to recharge your PocketCell™ Duo, just plug it into your laptop, mains or car charger.


  • iPod 150+ hours
  • iPhone 52+ hours
  • iPad 7+ hours
  • Smartphone 30+ hours
  • HTC/Blackberry 30+ hours
  • Tablet PC 5+ hours
  • MP3 Player 220+ hours
  • Games Console 20+ hours

The PocketCell™ Duo is available for around £99.00.

Visit for more details.


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Power up portable devices while on the move

The Powerstrap is designed to be a wearable rechargeable battery pack providing quick and easy power for portable electronic devices. There are six Li-Ion polymer battery cells enclosed in a highly water resistant silica gel casing, with ten adaptors for all kinds of gadgets such as mp3/mp4 players, handheld games consoles, mobile phones and much more.

Simply connect your device to the wrist strap via one of the adaptors and continue to listen, watch, call or play without worrying about the battery cutting out. There are four LED lights to display the battery status and Mini USB connection for recharging/discharging.

The Powerstrap takes approximately five hours to recharge and can be used as a primary power source for devices, giving up to three hours talk time or eight hours mp3 use. It also comes in an array of colours including, yellow, green, blue and red, as well as white and black.

Available from January 2010 price £39.99. For further details check out

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Recharge your batteries with Duracell pocket charger

Duracell offer several types of rechargeable batteries but my favourite is the super portable pocket charger. You can keep it in your handbag and if you’re ever out and about and your mobile or iPod dies you can charge it up and away you go.  You get up to 100% charge with your Nano and up to 50% with your Blackberry. It comes with 2xAA ultra cells and is available for £19.99.

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Mophie ‘Juice Pack 3G’ for iPhones

Got one of the new iPhones? Is the battery life in need of a boost ? Well, fret no more, help is at hand with the all new Apple certified ‘Juice Pack 3G’ from Mophie. The juice pack is a battery in the form of a non slip soft grip case.

The standby time from your juice pack will be an impressive 350 hours, talk time and internet time will be 6 hours, audio playback of 28 hours and video time of 8 hours. All sounds pretty good!

You can pre-order the juice pack on line, if not it  is expected to be available in late September for around £50.

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Portable Solar Charger Perfect for Festivals

Running out of battery on my phone, iPod or Tom Tom is really annoying whether at home or abroad, but now help is at hand.

With green being the new black the new freeloader portable solar charger means you can power your gadgets without plugging them in so you can tick the box of helping the planet!!

How does it work? well, open up this slim device ,point it at the sun and within around 5-10 hours you have a fully charged device that can power an iPod for up to 18 hours, a PSP for up to 2.5 hours and a mobile phone for up to 44 hours! (neat!)

But I hear you say what with the great British Summer how will I ever charge it. Well don’t worry you can also charge it via a USB cable which will take 3-4 hours.

Once charged the battery will then hold its charge for up to 3 months. Tough, stylish and impact resistant this little thing is also very compact, only 12 cm long, 6 wide 1.5 deep plus it comes with adaptors to charge the following gizmos:

  • LG Chocolate series phones,
  • 2 adaptors for Nokia mobiles,
  • 2 adaptors for Samsung mobiles,
  • Sony Ericsson mobiles;
  • 4mm straight jack plug for PSP, Tom Tom sat nav, digital cameras etc;
  • Mini USB adaptor for Motorola RAZR, Blackberrys etc;
  • a USB 2.0 female socket for MP3 players and PDA’s;
  • an iPod adaptor;
  • an adaptor for Nintendo DS Lite.

If you want in pink then no problem but I think I prefer the grey and it costs around £29.99.

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