Hit the beach this summer with the beach towel clip

How many times have you been for a dip in the sea to come back to your towel – or where your towel was to find out it’s all screwed up or at worst blown away?! Well the beach towel clip is a simple new way to keep your beach towel in place. This handy little clip comes in a set of four and when snapped apart is simply pushed into the sand to hold down the four corners of your towel!  

No more searching for stones on the beach.No more using flip flops and water bottles to keep your towel flat. Just find your spot, clip your towel down and chill in the sun.

Available from     Price £9.99

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Hit the beach with the Hi Sun Beach Towel

Say hi to a world of beach, sun and music with the hi-Sun beach towel. It’s essentially a beach towel with built in speakers and when you’re done sunbathing it becomes a backpack. The perfect solution for the beach, camping of just chilling in the park  so you can soak up the rays listening to your favourite tunes.

It’s compatible with iPhone®, iPod® or any other MP3  player that has a 3.5mm universal jack, and when it needs washing simply remove the speakers and pop it in the machine.

Available from


  • Dimension: 180 cm x 80 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Speaker power: 2W/4ohm X 2
  • Frequency response: 100HZ—20KHZ
  • Output:4.2V/250MA
  • Li-ion battery
  • Colors: red, black, blue, pink
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Fun on the beach: Twister Beach Towel

I was doing my gadget girl slot on BBC2 ‘something for the weekend’ yesterday and got to play with the twister beach towel with Richard Bacon. It’s hilarious! It’s basically an up to date version of the Twister game from back in the day, but instread of a plastic mat and spinning dial, this is a huge beach towel and two inflatable dice. Brilliant! How much fun could you have with this on the beach slippin and a slidin in your bikini!

Available on line for £20. Bargain.

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