And for those who have everything…Electric Piano

The Whaletone electric piano is built around a high end Rowland Keyboard and simply put it is designed to look like a whale. It combines original design and advanced technology and love it or hate it you can’t deny there is something irresistibly beautiful about it. You can customise it to whatever colour you so desire and it can be yours for a measly £75,000. Wow!

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Beauty Chic: silky smooth bed legs in minutes

Whether you are loved up or a single chick getting ready for a night on the town it’s always important to have silky, smooth bed legs, just in case! Check out the following de-fuzzzers to get yourself to bed leg heaven!

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro epilator

Get rid of all your unwanted hair in one easy step with this easy to use epilator. It can be used in the shower or bath, therefore minimising any discomfort. It gently exfoliates the skin with its massaging rollers, making sure your legs are not just hair-free but silky smooth too! It also removes hair as short as 0.5mm  meaning no more in-between days with results lasting up to four weeks. Perfect!

Venus Embrace

This has five curve hugging blades that are spring mounted which adjust to the curves of your body. It has a purple and turquoise soft grip handle that makes it easier to hold and control. It also comes with a Showerpod with suction cup attachments for easy storage in the shower, now that is super convenient.

Shave Gel

To accompany your shave and pamper your legs leaving them looking and feeling fabulous, try using Satin Care Avocado Twist or Lavender Kiss shave gel. They smell yummy and are Infused with scents of aloe, jasmine and orange blossom, v posh! It produces a rich lather which allows you to see where you’ve already shaved, to help you ensure you remove almost every hair.

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Bye bye Botox new iPhone app for wrinkles!

I know there a some weird and wonderful iPhone apps out there but an iPhone app secially developed to zap your zits and rid you of your wrinkles while you chat on the phone! WTF!?

Dr Greg Pearson’s AcneApp uses 420 nanometer blue light and 550 nanometer red light to help kill bacteria and promote collagen growth and the best bit, it only costs around £1.20 and apparenlty works on your skin whily you chit chat you day away, errrr result. He told the New York Times: ‘This would have to go through a lot more clinical study before I could quantify its efficacy.’ but that he was ‘fascinated by the concept that users would potentially be able to treat their acne while talking on the phone.’

However, as you can imagine critics of the new app incluing an NY dermatologist Dr Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, are sceptical about the AcneApp really working, stating: ‘In studies we’ve done, data has shown that both blue and red light have a low efficacy range in acne treatment.’ As well as the possible harmful effects of ultraviolet rays while the iPhone or iPod Touch is being used. 

 Mmmm what do we think girls? is this app hot or not?

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Smooth silky pins for Christmas

 The Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Wet & Dry epilator is the perfect way to ensure silky smooth pins for all those christmas parties you’ve got lined up. It’s the first epilator that can be used in the shower or bath, meaning a more comfortable experience. Epilating removes up to 4 x more short hairs and can be used from 0.5mm of hair growth so no need to wait long for icky re-growth. Your legs stay smooth for up to four weeks too.

It also comes with a sparkly case that keeps it protected it in the shower and the Blu Smartlite ensures no hairs go unnoticed. With legs set to take centre stage this Christmas; make sure you’ref ully prepared!

Price £99.99

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My hair is SO straight I’m on Cloud Nine!


 At last something that can actually beat my beloved ghds in the hair stakes! These new irons from Cloud Nine are simply the best, and the very first of their kind. You can smooth, flick, wave, curl and straighten hair at lower temperatures using state-of-the-art temperature control technology. Created by the original founders and inventors of ghd*, Cloud Nine is about to change the way we style our hair. You get a natural finish without the heat damage!

Simply adjust the temperature of your Cloud Nine iron depending on your hair type and the look you desire and you will get an optimum result tailoured to your exact needs.  Gone are the days of straigtening  your hair with uber hot face melting heat!


  • Temperature Control Panel
  • Black Ceramic Plates
  • Swivel Cord
  • Heat Guard
  • Hibernation Mode
  • RFID Chip
  • Dual Adaptor
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