The harvard single multimedia bed for kids

What teenager doesn’t love hanging around in their bedroom?! Well now they have *even* more reason to stay in bed with the brand new luxury Harvard TV bed. Adding a bit of gadget chic to your teen’s bedroom, the single, multimedia bedstead comes in a funky white faux leather and incorporates two round speakers within the headboard and a hidden 24″ LCD remote control TV (which rises with a simple touch of a button). When it’s not in use, it can easily be retracted into the foot-end, creating a flush surface and hiding the TV completely. The entertainment centre in addition to all the mod-cons has handy ‘cubby holes’ for storing plenty of CDs and DVDs.

Available from just in time for Christmas.

Price £895

Features: PC compatible; DVD player storage, USB port and scart; RF Aerial Connection.

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And for those who have everything…The first *ever* iPad bed

Check out the i-Con, the world’s first bed designed to work with your iPad. Not sure if it looks pretty funky or just a bit wrong! It has four fully enclosed speakers, a 250 watt amplifier and two docking stations for his and hers iPads, sweet. It’s made by Hollandia International and you can get it in over 200 colours so can tailor it to your room. We don’t have word on pricing yet but watch this space. Like it or lump it? I’m not sure about this one…

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Make sweet, sweet music with an amplified headboard

This technology filled ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard comes with built-in speakers so you can now have Barry White gently serenading you from your headboard while you make your own *errrrrrrr* sweet music?! The headboard is an innovative design incorporating a unique, built-in speaker system which is neatly hidden in the foam of the headboard so there is no cable spaghetti in sight!

It can be connected to any MP3 player or radio device so you can listen to music in bed or simply connect to the the TV for a surround sound experience. What’s more no batteries are required – the headboard cleverly gets all the power it needs from the mains.

The headboard is not only for playtime, but can also provide welcome relief for restless sleepers, insomniacs and tinnitus sufferers. Numerous research studies have shown the effectiveness of background noise in helping sufferers gain a good night’s sleep.

The ‘Sound Asleep’ Headboard is available from around £100 and colours come in beige, black or white.

For more information check out


• The headboard is available in Kingsize, Double and Single
• The headboard connects to a music source such as MP3 players, CD players; it is compatible with most radios, televisions and games consoles
• No batteries required; powered from the connected device
• Material: faux leather
• Colours: beige, black or white
• Headboards are available from:;

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Bedside book light for book worms

This frosted glass lamp may look like a cute little house shaped light but it also doubles as a stand for when it’s time for boboze. Simply pop your book on the roof and your page will be saved. I did immediately think ‘but what if it gets hot and burns while you’re in bed?!’ but fret not as the lamps low energy 11W bulb won’t get too warm even if you leave it on all night, which would be a bit ridiculous.  If you like reading in bed then this is a smart addition to any bedside table.

Availale at Price £39.95

Tech Spec

  • Light is mains powered with and on/off switch on the power cable
  • Light uses 11W screw fit light bulbs
  • Made from frosted glass


  • Approximately 15.2cm (H) x 15cm (L) x 11.3cm (D)  
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