Sport Chic: Tour de France Training Bike

The 2012 Tour de France will start on June 30 from Liège in Belgium and end on July 2 in Paris and is the world’s best known cycling race. Fancy taking part this year?

The Proform Tour de France indoor cycle is the official training bike for the competition and combines cycling’s most prestigious event with the latest technology.

The bike utilises iFit Live technology which is powered by Google Maps so users can see and experience the Tour de France course for themselves.

Basically, the route is pre-programmed and is viewed on Street View – just like you’re actually there. It also features Real Road Resistance technology which means the bike will incline and decline as it progresses along a route to simulate the mapped terrain. Fancy being King of the Mountains? You can compete against others with the same technology from around the world.

If users tire of the Tour de France route they can make up a course of their own using Google Maps. Maybe they would want to cycle the Great Ocean Road in Australia or along the coast of South Africa around Cape Town – they can all be cycled from your own front room!

The bike has been designed to provide the optimum cycling experience by simulating the combined resistance from four major factors that affect road cyclists: body size, wind resistance, road grade and tyre contact. All very clever.

By experiencing the thrills and spills of the Tour de France, people can take part in the world’s best cycle race without leaving the house!

The bike is priced at £1,299.  Find out more at

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The MINI bike for urban mobility launches in August

MINI presents an eco-friendly, space saving solution to city centre parking hassles with its very first bike.

The MINI Folding Bike which launches in August 2011 and is available from all MINI dealerships is compact enough to fit into the boot of a MINI (except the MINI convertible where it will need the back seat!) when folded. For commuters, it’s a fantastic ‘Park and Ride’ accessory, enabling you to park out of town and then simply continue your journey in style. With many city centre car parks offering free bike bays, it’s a pocket-friendly, environmentally-conscious transport option featuring MINI’s unmistakable design credentials.

The MINI Folding Bike is a genuine high-tech vehicle: with high-quality components, a light-weight aluminium frame and a clever folding mechanism that enables the bike to be folded and unfolded in just a few seconds. The bike is folded along the crossbar and handlebars. In addition the saddle can be retracted and the pedals be folded up. This makes the bike extremely easy to handle whilst saving space.

 Fitted in a sleeve under the saddle is a practical transport bag. The MINI Folding Bike can easily match the riding characteristics of a “normal” bike. Weighing less than 11 kilos and equipped with 8 gears and 20-inch wheels, it is quick and versatile. The teflon-coated chain prevents annoying soiling caused by chain oil and reduces the wear and tear on the components. The comfortable gel saddle ensures comfort. Thanks to the front and rear mudguards, you can carry on peddling regardless, even in the rain. It also has decent visibility on the road with its accompanying reflectors.

The bike comes in matt black. Silver highlights are set by the MINI lettering on the crossbar, the brand logo on the handlebars and the Union Jack motif on the rear forks. The the bike chain and bell in bold neon yellow.

The MINI Folding Bike is available as of August 2011 for £499 at  and from all MINI dealerships. The bike comes fully assembled and ready to ride.  Additional accessories available soon.

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Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike: I want to be a paper bike rider!

It has to be seen to be believed, but riding on the success of their award-winning Paper-Pulp Canoe, German engineers Zeug and Unsinn have created the Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike – set to revolutionise the way we get around city spaces forever.

Made from the equivalent of two hundred newspapers, the Re-Cycle is light, easy to carry and simple to assemble – simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

But what makes this the perfect city bike? Firstly, the Re-Cycle’s stylish travel bag lets you transport it with ease. Carry it discreetly on the tube, the train, the bus, in taxis, as hand luggage on lanes, or store it in the boot of your car until it is needed. Secondly, the “unpoppable” corrugated wheels make riding on uneven surfaces feel exactly the same as riding on a completely level surface – minimising vibrations, muscle strain and paper cuts. Thirdly, the saddle and wheels can be quickly released using patented Rip/Tear technology. With these valuable parts removed, the bike can be left securely taped to a wall without the risk of theft.

Finally, capitalising on cutting-edge advances in vending machine cup manufacture, the Re-Cycle’s eco-friendly cardboard is plastic coated to make it almost completely impermeable to moisture – making it the most durable and hardwearing cardboard bicycle on the market.

However, when you’re finally ready to dispose of your bike, simply crumple it up and throw it in the bin, or onto your compost heap. The Re-Cycle will naturally degrade over the same period as a typical disposable coffee cup.

Price £14-99


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Sport Chic: BioLogic iPod Bike Mount

If you want to secure your iPod or iPhone to the handlebars of your bike you need the BioLogic iPod Bike Mount.  It is a shock resistant, weatherproof case that fastens to your stem/handlebars via an adjustable clip, allowing you to glance at maps, satnav and GPRS apps easily.

As well as its Apple-hugging silicone interior, hard outer shell and touch-sensitive screen guard, the BioLogic rotates for portrait or landscape viewing. It also has a membrane which protects the camera allowing you to take pictures or video during your ride without scratching or dirtying your lense.

Avilable from www.firebox.xom Price £39.99

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MP3 bike speaker to brighten up your commute

We all know how tricky it is listening to your iPod whilst cycling to work, not the best thing to do on the road. But if you *realllly* want to listen to your tunes on your commute then check out the MP3 bike speaker. Simply attach to your handle bars and listen away. It comes with 2GB of memory so you can have around 1000 songs at your fingertips. It also has an LED flashlight to brighten up those dark nights – or mornings for that matter.


  • 2 GB of onboard memory so you can load approximately 1000 songs on to the MP3 player.
  • It has an inbuilt, high powered LED flashlight to brighten up those dark winter mornings.
  • Supports MP3 / WMA formats.
  • Integrated high-quality loudspeaker (up to 2.3 watts).
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 10-hours of song-play.
  • Charges via USB.
  • Requires USB 2.0 port.
  • ControlRing designed for easy song, volume and mode selection while you ride.
  • Splashproof (not waterproof).
  • Peak brightness of up to 80 lumens.
  • Flashlight settings: On, Off, Flashing.
  • Quick-latch system designed for easy installation.
  • Height-adjustable handlebar bracket.
  • MP3 Player sheath allows for 360-degree swivel – 12 different angles to suit any individual preference.
  • MP3 Bike Speaker simply slides off your bike for re-charging.
  • MP3 Player sheath also acts as a desktop docking station.
  • Available in midnight blue.


  • MP3 Bike Speaker System: 14cm x 3.4cm (diameter).
  • Bicycle mount: 5.2 x 3.3 x 3.2 cm.
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