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Blu-ray 3DTM engaging and emotional home entertainment viewing experience

Blu-ray 3DTM delivers an enhanced, emotional entertainment experience that engages viewers more than standard Blu-ray DiscTM or DVD, according to neurological research released this week. The research was carried out by the Mindlab International team at the Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton, on behalf of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). Testing the attention, emotion and engagement levels of different home entertainment disc formats on a group of subjects, the study found the Blu-ray 3D format to be the most effective, followed by Blu-ray Disc and then DVD. 

The neurological study, which was conducted by Mindlab International in late 2010, connected participants to monitoring equipment to record their heart rate, skin conductance (EDA) and brain activity (EEG) whilst watching film clips and trailers in Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD formats. Subjects’ baseline readings were recorded before they were shown clips from three films in a random order to ensure that the results were as accurate as possible.


After comparing the total attention levels for each format, the results showed that on average, subjects were 12% more attentive when watching Blu-ray 3D compared to a Blu-ray Disc, and 17% more attentive when watching a Blu-ray Disc over a standard DVD. When comparing attention levels between Blu-ray 3D and a DVD, attention levels jumped by an incredible 29%.


When recording emotional response, subjects experienced a significant increase when watching Blu-ray over DVD. This peaked with an 8% increase when watching Blu-ray 3D compared to DVD.


When measuring engagement, the results found subjects to be 7% more engaged when watching Blu-ray 3D over a Blu-ray Disc, and 12% more engaged when watching a Blu-ray Disc over a standard DVD. When comparing engagement levels between Blu-ray 3D and a DVD, subjects were found to be 18% more engaged in the Blu-ray 3D clip.

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Christmas gadget guide to keep *everyone* happy this year

Christmas is fast approaching and for those who are worried about how to avoid the traditional family fall-outs and keep everyone from Nanny to  7-year old niece Millie entertained, Mio has put together a selection of the must have products to make Christmas this year less about the arguments, and more about the entertainment!

Mio Navman V505 TV

Not only will the Mio Navman V505 TV stop Santa getting lost this Christmas Eve, it also provides the perfect solution for those TV timing clashes – when mum and dad want to watch the Queen’s speech, and the kids want to chill  in front of whatever classic afternoon film makes the listings this year.

Boasting a wide-screen design and industry-leading navigation, as well as integrated Freeview TV, there is no denying this nifty little device has it all. If you are faced with travelling form house to house this year to keep the extended family happy, you are guaranteed the smoothest journey possible and some rest bite when you arrive at your destination. If you are spending the day catering for the 5000, pop the festive Christmas shows on in the kitchen – just put the turkey in the oven and put your feet up.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab

With T-Mobile cramming everything from unlimited texts, free music downloads and even free internet access into some of their mobile phone offerings – when it comes to keeping loved ones entertained this Christmas the best things really do come in small packages.

 The Samsung Galaxy Tab is perfectly handbag-sized with a 7” touchscreen which is ideal for watching films, viewing pictures, reading your favourite magazines and ebooks on Readers Hub and sharing documents. The Galaxy Tab has 16GB internal memory which allows seven hours of movie play-back time and comes with Adobe® Flash Player for a brilliant web browsing experience – ideal for those who want non-stop entertainment on the move. It also comes with BBC iPlayer, BBC News, Sky + and Sky News built in (over Wifi) so you can catch up with the latest news and your favourite programmes. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is supported by Android™ 2.2 and will feature the latest app from T-Mobile – the T-Mobile Night In app – making it easier for customers to rent 5 things from Blockbusters for £5.

Logitech Harmony 300i

Be in control of all your home entertainment devices this Christmas with this universal remote. Controlling up to four devices at any one time, you can flick on your TV, DVD, Sky+ and hi-fi at the touch of a button and hold the key to all the Christmas day entertainment at your fingertips.

Cinematic Magic for Everyone

With the festive season fast approaching the Blu-ray Disc Association has compiled a list of what are expected to be the hottest titles this Christmas.

Whether you’re looking for something to entertain him, her, or all the family, Blu-ray movies are the ideal stocking filler and perfect for home entertainment over the festive period. Check out what is going to be topping the sales charts this year. 

For Him

Inception (Warner), The Karate Kid (Sony), Back to the Future Trilogy (Universal), The Expendables (Lionsgate), Salt (Sony)

For Her

Sex and the City 2 (Warner),  Dirty Dancing (Lionsgate), Moulin Rouge (20th Century Fox), Downton Abbey (Universal),  It’s a Wonderful Life (Universal)

For the Family

Toy Story 3 (Disney), Avatar (20th Century Fox), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Sony), A Christmas Carol (Disney), Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

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