cheap calls

Make calls for free with the FooTalk App

- Perfect for making calls to other users across the globe for free.

– Calls to landlines and mobiles are cheaper than Skype and other services.

FooTalk is a new app for iOS and Android that reduces the cost of making calls for smartphone and tablet users. It allows customers to make free calls to friends and family who also have the FooTalk app, anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G mobile data services.

FooTalk allows users to call any number in the world at extremely low rates (significantly lower than other alternative calling services like Skype). Whether calling abroad, avoiding expensive roaming charges whilst travelling, or simply calling friends nearby, FooTalk offers exceptional value compared to other services.

In addition to the cost saving benefits, FooTalk’s patent-pending Discovery service is designed to ensure a more reliable connection than competitor products. This combination delivers a customer experience that gives them the most complete alternative to their network operator in one, easy-to-use app.

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