Vegas Diary – Day 2 – Getting Curvy

Day 2 of pre-CES saw a day of press conferences from all the big tech players. Standing out for me was certainly Samsung and its offering. CES sees the launch of Samsung’s first Ultra High Definition Television, the Bendable TV, an impressive Chef Collection for the kitchen and some hard-working, multi-tasking additions to its tablet range.


In the world of television for 2014 Samsung is embracing the curve for what is tipped to be a truly cinematic experience, The firm explains that with a wider field of view the audience is given the illusion of a larger screen size and also the effect of 3D without the awkward glasses. The unveiling of Samsung’s forthcoming Bendable TV range caused much excitement here in Las Vegas. At the touch of a button the Ultra High Definition flat screen television shape-shifts to become curved – offering the viewer multiple viewing perspectives.


Samsung’s Chef collection was also a highlight. The firm teamed up with Michelin starred chefs to create a multi-zone fridge offering varying temperatures for optimum food preservation. Thanks to a metal cooling plate and triple cooling system, meat and fish can be stored at a separate temperature to fruit and vegetables.


CES also sees the launch of the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO series. Key features include a large 12.2″ screen size with multi-window capability, 10 hour battery life, a full size virtual keyboard, 3GB of RAM and the S Pen. Samsung has also incorporated a remote PC feature to the series making this a seriously hard-working and exciting tablet series launch.

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New Blackberry Curve 8900 (aka the Javelin)

So here’s the deal, I am due for an upgrade on my beloved Blackberry Curve but I’m going to be a very good girl (which is unusual for me) and I’m going to be patient (also unusual for me) and hold out for the Javelin… aka the new Curve. 

 I did think about going for Bold which does have a very nice screen but it’s just too damn big and boyish (not something i say often).  Then there’s the Storm which is sexier but for me personally, the amount of time I spend sending emails, I need a serious keyboard and a touch screen just doesn’t cut it.  And it could never replace my iPhone. Oh no, not ever.

 It seems to me, the new Curve 8900 looks like the perfect solution. Similar size to the current Curve but with the looks, keyboard and sexy screen of the Bold. Details are sketchy at the moment but it should be available in a month or two. As soon as I find out more, you will be the first to know, hopefully out in time for Christmas, yeh!

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