Top tips to declutter your desk!

I don’t know about you but as fast as I tidy my desk up it just seems to be a complete mess a nano later! What with all my gadgets, chargers, (sweeties) and loads of other bits I just can’t seem to keep on top of it all. Check out these handy gizmos to help you on your way to tidy desk heaven…

Cable Tidies

Get rid of cable spaghetti for good by using a decent cable tidy such as CableBox. Simply place your power strips and surplus cables in the box, closed the lid and done. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Multi Chargers

    Charge multiple gadgets at once by using multi device charging systems like the Zip Touch n Go. The small detachable cables with magnets at the end keep your gadgets connected to the charging base, take up less space and look pretty cool too.


      Use desk lamps that can charge mobile phones and MP3 players like the Podlamp. You can thread the cables neatly through the lamp to charge your gadgets while you’re working.

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        Clean up your crumbs with the washable keyboard

        As I’m sat here eating my dunked chocolate hobnobs trying not to get the mushy bits in my keyboard, i can fret no more with this Wash n Go completely waterproof, high quality plug ‘n’ play desktop keyboard. It is spill proof and fully washable and you can even bung it in the dishwasher, get in! It also has antimicrobial protection to resist microbial growth and bacteria, perfect for all you clean freaks out there.

         Available at   Price £39.99

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