Sparkly Earbuds

These Maxell crystal jewellery earbuds are quite cutey, alomost look like earings, well sort of ish.

They are Swarovski crystal and available in 10 different colors, they are obviously fairly basic but the sound quality is good. They just look pretty and won’t break the bank.

Available on line at Gizmine


  • 10mm canal driver
  •  20-20,000Hz
  • 100dB/W
  • 1.2m cord.
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Website Wednesday:

For all you girls out like who like gadgets AND a bit of bling and possibly the two together, then check out this sparkly site .

It designs and manufactures premium fashion bling for your iPod®, iPhone®, Blackberry®, PDA’s, Netbook Laptops and Notebooks. It’s basically original glass crystals on peel and stick sheets, so looks easy peasy to do and there are 13 designs to choose from.

If you fancy adding a bit of bling to your mobile a la Carrie Bradshaw, then simply choose the frosting you want and order it on line. Prices are pretty resonable too, for example an iPhone covering will set you back around £15.

For further details and information on prices check out

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Swarovski ‘Moon’ USB necklace

Dont get me wrong, I luv diamonds, come on… i’m a girl… but would you really wear this round your neck? What’s all that about or am i being too harsh?!  Probably quite a fun pressie though and it is a bit different.

It’s 2GB worth so not a bad amount of storage and is made by Swarovski Crystal so a bit of affordable bling if it takes your fancy, they also make two other designs along with this “moon” necklace,  one of the others is called “naughty raymond” ?!

It retails at around £125 which is a lot for a memory stick blingey combo, just not sure this is my idea of geekchic.

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Hand tailoured luxury mobiles

Platinum blackberry ? Diamond encrusted mobile? Perhaps you have more money than sense and are a  teensy bit bored with your sad looking mobile.  If so, why not have a bit of “hand tailoured” luxury on your phone or iPod. customises each piece using a choice of 24 karat gold plating, 18 karat rose gold plating or white platinum plating. You can even get diamonds on there too if you’re feeling particularly bling.

It seems like a nice idea, just not sure how practical it would be. Be warned tho’, a platinum diamond encrusted LG Prada phone will set you back a measely £1299. Ouch!

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Camera Charm by Tiffany

I’m just loving this geeky chic camera charm bracelet from Tiffany – although personally I would prefer it in silver (better still platinum) as this kind of gold is just not my thang.

Its 18 carat and the best bit is the little diamond for the lens that actually rotates! It is however pretty pricey – $1500 for the charm alone and another $1500 for the bracelet !!

Still its cute looking but not sure it would be my first charm of choice…

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