Save money on energy bills with Smart Meters

British Gas are about to install their millionth smart meter, giving households greater control and understanding of their energy usage. It’s essentially going to revolutionise how families and households approach to energy consumption.

Households should be able to save on average around 5% on their energy bills, which equals around ÂŁ65 per year, by utilising their smart meter.

How it works

Smart meters allow you to:

· Display energy use as you use it, for the first time: households will be able to see how much gas and electricity is being used and the cost in £ and pence, making it easier to identify waste and save on bills

· Put an end to estimated bills: by sending energy suppliers exact meter readings automatically, meaning customers will only pay for the energy they use

Britain will be nearly ÂŁ14 billion better off thanks to the introduction of smart meters to British homes and businesses, according to a new report published by British Gas and Oxford Economics.

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