Unflattering Facebook photos top new poll of weight loss triggers

Pics of muffin tops, bingo wings and double chins on social networks make Brits more body conscious than ever before. This summer one in five Brits will be spurred on to get into shape after seeing themselves tagged in an unflattering Facebook photo or holiday snap.

The new research by Fitbit, America’s fastest growing fitness and wellbeing brand, revealed 20% of Brits now consider themselves to be more body conscious since the possibility of being tagged in a photo on Facebook or other social networks. And a third have had to de-tag themselves as they were embarrassed to appear fat and unattractive to their Facebook friends!

In fact, when it comes to getting in shape, Facebook shame came above preparing to bare all on holiday (17%) and not being able to squeeze into a favourite summer dress (16%), the traditional triggers to losing weight for summer.

Of course, when we do feel good about ourselves then we are more willing to be posted across social networks, with 40% more likely to share photos of themselves when content with their shape.

In the research of 2,000 Brits by One Poll, other key weight loss triggers include partners (14%) and healthcare professionals (11%) telling us that we need to shape up, seeing a friend or family member lose weight (7%), trimming down for a wedding (6%) and seeking a sex drive boost (4%).

The new Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, now available in the UK, helps monitor and manage weight, BMI and percentage body fat and syncs to the Fitbit profile, providing an overall picture of weight and fitness goals.

The Fitbit Aria (£99.99) is available to order now at Fitbit.com and fromAmazonFirebox.co.uk and Apple stores.

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Like Thumbs Cufflinks

Are you a Facebook addict? Do you secretly spend your time at work composing witty status updates hoping against hope someone will ‘Like’ them? Reclaim your life from the book of faces and get your social media hit in the real world, with www.RED5.co.uk Like Thumb Cufflinks. Facebook, the best thing since sliced bread? Or a thief of time? Either way chances are you have a profile. The ultimate accessory for any Facebook junkie!

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Like Facebook and Twitter?

Let’s face it most of us just love our Facebook and Twitter and what better present for a social networking addict than these ‘Like’ and’ Follow’ fleece cushions. These handcrafted cushions are emblazoned with either the word ‘Follow’ alongside a regulation ‘Add’ icon or with the globally recognised ‘Thumbs-up’ icon and its accompanying four-letter word ‘Like’. They are even filled with highly squishable polyester fibres, making them perfect for snuggling into after a hard day of tweeting utterly pointless 140 character status updates into your gizmo of choice!

Available from www.firebox.com Prices start at £24.99

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Tech News: Facebook airline ticket anyone?

I know, I know, we are all nuts about social networking but would you *really* book your flight through Facebook?! Quite a few airlines are now using Twitter and Facebook offering special deals but now Delta is moving on up to the next level opening a social media ticket window on Facebook.

So my lovelies, how does it work? Well, any FB user can use the page to book an airline ticket on Delta without visiting its site and even better there are no extra costs involved for using this – users click on the “Book a Ticket” tab on Delta’s Facebook page. It looks pretty straightforward, you just enter the dates and locations to search for a flight. Bear in mind though these flights are limited to Delta so you can’t really shop around for the best deal like most of us do. Then again, if you’re a frequent flier with Delta this would be pretty useful to have when you’re out and about, on the go.

Personally I think it would be better to have something available on Facebook where you could book from multiple carriers, what do you reckon, anyone? anyone?

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Gaming grannies the forgotten women?

The world of ‘apps’ is not just the domain of young geeky males. A survey just out conducted by YouGov and Lady Geek reveals that technology and software are no longer just the preserve of geeks, with women over 55 feeling liberated by their smart-phones. The report highlighted that 39% of female smart-phone owners aged 55+ have downloaded one or more app to their smart-phone and that surprisingly, gaming was the second most popular category for the same group with nearly 1 in 5 female smart-phone owners stating a gaming app is their favourite compared to only 1 in 15 of men in a similar age band

The number 1 app for females over 55 is -you guessed it- Facebook, with 18% of survey participants in this group saying that a social networking app is their favourite. Nearly a quarter of them find out about their favourite apps by recommendations from a friend compared to around 13% of men within the same age group.

In the US, the number of women over 55 on Facebook is almost double the number of men in the same age group (Source: Inside Facebook, Feb 2009). Yet despite this growth, companies tend to ignore this ‘invisible and forgotten’ generation and pay little or no heed to what they want or need.

We set out on a mission to understand how older women use technology and raise the agenda of these ‘forgotten’ women. We are so obsessed with youth and yummy mummies in this country we forget that a third of our population is over 50. The women we spoke to loved what ‘apps’ could do for them whether it be ‘snacking’ on a 10 min Bejeweled game or updating their Facebook page with new photos. A revolution is going on within this older group but no-one seems to notice or pay any attention to these women. These women represent a significant financial opportunity as they have high amounts of disposable cash” says Belinda Parmar, founder of Lady Geek, an independent company which helps technology companies understand women.

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