Friday Fun: this guy is such a loser OMG!!!

Girls – we’ve all been chatted up (err harrassed..) by a guy who is so up himself your like duh helloo, jog on!! Well, just check out this guy’s voicemail message he left for a chick he was after, it is UNBELIEVABLE!! She then sent it to a radio station who played it on air – good girl- to really expose what a tw*t he he truly is !!!



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Fun on the beach: Twister Beach Towel

I was doing my gadget girl slot on BBC2 ‘something for the weekend’ yesterday and got to play with the twister beach towel with Richard Bacon. It’s hilarious! It’s basically an up to date version of the Twister game from back in the day, but instread of a plastic mat and spinning dial, this is a huge beach towel and two inflatable dice. Brilliant! How much fun could you have with this on the beach slippin and a slidin in your bikini!

Available on line for £20. Bargain.

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Friday Frolics – the Naughty Knot

What more could a man want than his beloved wrapped up in a bow? I love pressies but I’ve never thought about actually being one!

The Naughty Knot is a red satin bow that comes nicely packaged in a silver gift box and opens easily with just one gentle pull on the bow. Just wrap yourself up and wait to be unwrapped! 

It’s the perfect pressie and lots of fun too!

Available on line for around £12

Thanks to Lester for this clip, just hilarious!!

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Friday Frolics – I rub my duckie

Bored with your average rubber ducky ? Well girlies check out the Paris Duck .

It looks so cute with its Swarovski crystal beak and removable marabou boa but quite frankly that isnt the reason why we like it. Simply squeeze its back and all will become clear.  

Dubbed as a personal massager (oh yeh, that old chestnut), it has a powerful yet quiet motor so no tell tale noises coming from the bathroom, just hours of fun with this *quackers* little toy!!

 Retails at  £15

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Friday Frolics unleash the sex kitten in you!

 OK, so I maybe showing my age here, but when I think about exercising at home, the first thing that springs to mind is the Jane Fonda “feel the burn” Workout on video!!

However to bring things up into the naughties and to sex things up a bit why not try this Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit as an enjoyable alternative to exercising in the gym. It’s an easy to assemble steel and chrome plated pole that is spring loaded and covers all ceiling heights up to 2.5 metres. 

Fancy shaking your booteh? Check out the free instructional DVD to bust some sexy moves in the privacy of your own home – or should I say bedroom!  

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