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Board games for all you girl geeks

If you’re not just a girl geek but also a girl nerd then, like me, you probably like playing board games. Traditional board game set up can be a bit tedious what with all those pieces that need counting out and setting up, not to mention the storage space required for all those boxes.

Luckily the iPad has amazing range of board game apps, meaning you can carry them around and it even sets up the pieces for you! Here are a few of the top contenders.


All classic boardgames from chess through backgammon to go and even Othello have many many implementations for the iPad. One of the most unusual is Game Table, which doesn’t implement the rules or force correct moves only but just lets you move pieces as you want.


EA Games do a great line in all the family classics you’ll have played when you were a kid: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Scrabble and so on. If you also have an iPhone or iPod touch, Scrabble has a lovely feature where you can use your phone as a tile rack, with the iPad as the main playing board area. However my favourite of EA Games offerings is The Game of Life – they’ve even replicated the 10 number spinner that you flick to determine how many squares to move.


Finally all the classic Eurogames are implemented, including the world famous Settlers of Catan, Spiel des Jahres winning Carcassonne and GAMES magazine’s board game of 2010 – SmallWorld (2 player only).

There’s also an increasing number of games from from Sage Board Games, the most significant Eurogame developer for the iPad: Medici, Ra and Tikal are already in the Apple store with Puerto Rico, Le Havre and Tigris and Euphrates rumoured to be coming soon.

It’s a board game girl geek paradise!

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My Top Ten Girly Gadgets for VStyle Magazine

Check out my top ten girly gadgets I’ve chosen this month in VStyle Magazine, the fab mag from Whether you’re after a new camera, a funky netbook or a 3D TV, there’s something for everyone.

For more details check out the full article here.

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Event: London Girl Geek Dinners reaches the Big Five!

Have you ever heard of London Girl Geek Dinners?  What started as an organisation comprising of a few women passionate about tech has blossomed into a worldwide network of “dinners” from New Zealand through to Toronto and now the home of that movement – London – is turning 5 years old!

London Girl Geek Dinners is all about inspiring more girls to get into tech, more women to stay in tech and more not-currently-techie women to get involved. We run events in high schools, in businesses and in pubs with inspirational women and men talking about technology in its varied forms. Whether discussing using computerised techniques in creating manga or digital cows, London Girl Geek Dinners appeals to a wide range of people.

OK so what’s happening as we turn 5 ? We are hosting an event at Google HQ on August 4th –  they are our main sponsor. They will be feeding us and giving us goodie bags. Perfect! The wine has been supplied by Dinastia Vivanco and in the goodie bags we have lovely goodies from Green & Blacks, VitaminWater and Juniper Networks. We’ve also got raffle prizes including LGGD sweatshirts and all money from the raffle will go to helping us to gain charitable status. Speakers at the event include Sarah Gordon from Google and Sue Black.

Excited? I’m sure you are.  Want to be a member? I’m sure you do. Just pop over to and sign up for free! Woo hoo!

We’ve grown from just a handful of members to close to 1,000 and have helped members find new jobs, make new friends, discover hidden talents and find the inspiration to start their own businesses. From lifehacking to the work life balance to mobile gaming, London Girl Geek Dinners has covered a lot of ground with their members. Go on you know you want to.

For more details check out

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