Sport Chic: Jaybird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth Headphones

The new Jaybird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth Headphones produce a bass-rich Bluetooth music experience with any regular Bluetooth music device. Listen to your iPod, MP3 player, iPhone and even take calls via this sleek, colourful device.

 It comes with apt-X on board, which cleans up, adds depth, bass and treble to your Bluetooth music with technical specifications matching that of CD quality output. Use the controls on the headphones to control play, pause, next and back track remotely – the easy access buttons make it really simple.

If you want to take a call, the music will automatically pause and once your call is over it will resume again. Don’t shout or have to repeat yourself, make use of the Higher sensitivity Mic for clearer calls.

 Choose from a selection of cool colours: Midnight Black, Toffee Apple, Sonic Blue, Runners Red.

Available on www.firebox.com price £99.99

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Bling up those tunes with Swarovski crystal headphones

Get your ears noticed with these new crystal encrusted headphones. These ultra extravagant Swarovski encrusted, state-of-the-art Audio Technica ATH-M50 model headphones from iAudio offer outstanding sound quality and are completely covered in bling-tastic Swarovski crystals. Even if they are a bit OTT they are decent quality and will certainly make you stand out in a crowd!

The Swarovski DJ Headphones will set you back £1,999.99 and will be available just in time for you chaps looking to splash out and really treat your chick to something special this Valentine’s day – if they like crytsal bling that is!

Tech Spec

Driver size: 45mm, 1/4″ Audio Plug Adapter Included

Maximum Input: 1,600 mW @ 1kHz, Cord Length: 11′

Sensitivity: 99dB.

Single Sided Coil Cable Transforms to Gold-Plated Mini- Plug w/ 1/4′ Adaptor

Neodymium Magnet Offers Outstanding Signal Quality.

Available from www.firebox.com

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The Hoodiebuddie: hoodie with built in headphones

When my dog takes me out for my evening walk, I like to listen to a bit of music. In the summer, it’s a doddle – iphone in pocket, headphones on, off we go. However, in the cooler months I’m constantly getting frustrated with the warm clothing v headphone cable issue. I’m fairly sure (hopeful?) that I can’t be the only person who struggles daily with ‘self-tangling headphone syndrome’ and when coupled with a warm cardigan or hoody with drawstrings, then it seems I’m just asking for trouble.

But it seems that help may be at hand.

Those ingenious chaps over at www.hoodiebuddie.com have come up with a novel idea that’s both stylish and practical. The HoodieBuddie combines HB3Technology (patent pending) and a hidden headphone jack that will plug into any standard device, such as iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, radio etc. When the device is attached, you can listen to bangin’ choons, podcasts or the dulcet tones of Cliff Richard (if you really want to), the choice is completely yours. Not sounding too different to stowing your player or phone in your hoodie pouch so far? Well, the genius in this design is this: The headphones are built into the end of the drawstrings. Yes, really. No tangly headphones anymore. Bliss.

So they don’t tangle, they’re always attached to the garment, your device is hidden & best of all – it’s completely machine washable – and you don’t need to detach the headphones either. Brilliant.

The hoodiebuddie comes in a range of different designs and colours for both guys and girls, including Minne Mouse, logos patterns, and a bang on trend iconic Betty White range.  Prices range from $44-$50 (approx £28-32).

For those of us not in the USA, don’t worry, Hoodiebuddie.com will ship internationally; instructions are on their website along with a great offer of 10% off for Facebook friends. I don’t know about you but that’s certainly music to my ears!”

If you want to find out more about our guestblogger you can follow her on twitter @kittencaboodle

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UK First: Blackbox i10 noise cancelling in ear headphones

Here at girlgeekchic towers we are loving the new The Blackbox i10 noise cancelling earphones for iPod or iPhone. They use  ANR (Anti Noise Rejection) that works intelligently by measuring the noise field in the ear, before calculating and reintroducing an ‘anti-noise’ response which then cancels out 92% of background noise. In a UK first, it is powered by the iPod/iPhone so batteries are not required unlike some other models out there can have bulky battery packs.

They have great music reproduction with deep base and clear highs and have ergonomically designed ear buds to provide maximum comfort. They connect easily to Apple’s 30 pin dock connector, come with a leather carrying case and have an integrated volume control and monitoring function.

For further details check out www.blackboxonline.com. Price £80

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Urbanears Plattan headphones to style up your look

These sleek chic headphones are not just any ordinary headphones. Uniquely designed by the Scandinavians, they are state of the art. They are full size offering great sound, and are not only just for listening to music. They come with a remote and a microphone compatible with most devices including iPhones, iPods, notebooks, steroes and Nokia even gets a look in.  Now you can listen to your music and just as easily talk to your friends on the phone without having to fumble around taking your headphones off!

They are fully collapsible and fold down to fit easily in your hand, allowing storage even in your pocket which is pretty cool for travelling. The Plattan also comes with the “Zound Plug”, a socket that allows your friends to connect to your headphones, so you can snuggle up and share your favourite tunes.

The headpiece is made from a single piece of fabric and looks like a cutesy alice band.  Style up your look in one of the fourteen different funky colors available – it even has a one year replacement warranty if, dare I say, they get squashed in your handbag!

Available around £50. For more details check out www.urbanears.com

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