Vegas Diary – Day 1 – CES Unveiled

Nothing can quite prepare you for Las Vegas. The sheer size of the place, the all day gambling, the Lycra – it’s completely bonkers. Sin City is to be my home for the next five days so to get into character I’m writing this post from my hotel room in a floor length ballgown surrounded by poker chips (sort of).

Today I attended the pre-CES event called CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. CES Unveiled is the official media event showcasing nearly 100 exhibitors from around the world, including CES Innovation Award winners. Key trends from Unveiled included curved smartphones, fitness technology, sound systems and smartphone accessories.

LG’s forthcoming LG G Flex was on display. LG informed us that the G Flex is the world’s first flexible, curved phone and will sport a self-healing back – ideal for those of us who scuff our phones on a regular basis. The launch date and price tag are still to be confirmed but I feel quite sure that this won’t be the last curved phone I see in Las Vegas. Curves are in!

LG G Flex

Fashion and function met in a very stylish way on the Boostcase stand. The firm’s power boosting cases, available in Selfridges and Harrods, incorporate battery packs for the iPhone with stylish designs and additional features such as pouches for your lippy and cash.


In the fitness realm Fitbug, the movement and sleep tracker, unveiled KiK. KiK works in association with the new Fitbug Orb to essentially become your own digital coach. KiK offers a series of 12 week plans with titles such as No More Baby Belly, Diabetes and Salsa to Fitness, that you load onto your smart device via USB and subsequently provides you with video tutorials, goal setting, monitoring and expert advice.

Other eye-catching innovations spotted at CES Unveiled included the brand new Zepp – a small device that attaches to your tennis racquet or golf club and then tracks and plays back your swings allowing you to analyse and improve your game. For those conscious of the impact of UV on the skin – France’s latest beauty device ‘June’ is a bracelet that monitors how much UV you are exposed to and offers advice on how to limit the signs of ageing with recommended sun protection factors.

This was only a taster of the tech mecca that is to follow over the subsequent days and the array of gadgets to come, like everything else in Las Vegas, is going to be huge!

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Yoga Paws: ‘The Yoga Mat you Wear’

Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves that you wear on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo ‘The Yoga Mat You Wear.’

They also work with a yoga mat too, keeping you secure in every yoga pose. They are made with a yoga towel liner that absorbs seven times its weight in moisture so still work even if you break into a sweat!

Available around £29.99 on

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Fitness at your fingertips with ThinQ fitness app

Have you ever wanted a one-to-one yoga class outdoors instead of sharing a stuffy room in a gym or having to watch a DVD at home? Maybe you would just like to learn to dance, take up martial arts, or squeeze in some cardio training, in your own time, wherever you choose?

Online fitness video provider ThinQ Fitness ( has launched a brand new free App which will help those who want step-by-step fitness training take their favourite classes wherever and whenever they like. The App will allow users to stream hundreds of simple video fitness classes, which are currently available on the main website, from their iPhone and iPad.

From aerobics to belly dancing there are plenty of different workouts to try. There are even workouts that you can try at the gym. The app is free and you have access to a wide selection of videos but you can always upgrade to a ThinQ Fitness membership so that you can watch all the videos on the site for only £4.99 a month.

A qualified Personal Trainer takes you through each video step-by-step and gives you pointers on how to do the workout safely. You can also pick videos that suit the amount of time you have available, for example, if you are on your lunch break and only have time for a quick workout you can pick a 10 minute routine.

The App is simple to use – pause, rewind, fast forward all at the touch of a button. You won’t even need to bring a music player with you as each video session has music you’ll want to sing along to.

ThinQ Fitness App users can also browse all the latest health, fitness and nutrition articles straight from professional health and fitness experts using the ‘Lifestyle’ feature, and benefit from regular advice from personal trainers using the Blog feature.

Check out for more details.

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Turn your bath into a revitalising bubble spa!

Spa baths can be a bit pricey but now you can create a spa in your own home with the bubble spa bath mat. Designed to duplicate the effects of a whirlpool bath, the bubble spa swirls the water and generates powerful bubbles to revitalise your body leaving you feeling totally relaxed. The soft air mat is placed in the bath and fills with air to cushion your body. There are over 300 individual aeration vents which produce the powerful bubble action and the variable control allows you to customise the bubbles to suit your massage. It’s easy to set up and comes with a handy wireless remote to select the option you require whilst relaxing in the bath. There is also a timer facility to set the bath spa depending on how long you want to soak for. At last you can have a spa day without even having to leave your house!

Available on

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Beauty Chic: silky smooth bed legs in minutes

Whether you are loved up or a single chick getting ready for a night on the town it’s always important to have silky, smooth bed legs, just in case! Check out the following de-fuzzzers to get yourself to bed leg heaven!

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro epilator

Get rid of all your unwanted hair in one easy step with this easy to use epilator. It can be used in the shower or bath, therefore minimising any discomfort. It gently exfoliates the skin with its massaging rollers, making sure your legs are not just hair-free but silky smooth too! It also removes hair as short as 0.5mm  meaning no more in-between days with results lasting up to four weeks. Perfect!

Venus Embrace

This has five curve hugging blades that are spring mounted which adjust to the curves of your body. It has a purple and turquoise soft grip handle that makes it easier to hold and control. It also comes with a Showerpod with suction cup attachments for easy storage in the shower, now that is super convenient.

Shave Gel

To accompany your shave and pamper your legs leaving them looking and feeling fabulous, try using Satin Care Avocado Twist or Lavender Kiss shave gel. They smell yummy and are Infused with scents of aloe, jasmine and orange blossom, v posh! It produces a rich lather which allows you to see where you’ve already shaved, to help you ensure you remove almost every hair.

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