hello kitty

Still love Hello Kitty?

Still a fan of the famous Japanese cat after all these years? These cutesome  Hello Kitty USB keys allow you to save and carry your photos, videos, files and music in Hello Kitty kinda way! More than a simple USB key, this colourful accessory is the perfect addition to any girl’s handbag.  It comes with 4GB of storage and is available in purple and white . Price £8.99

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Hello Kitty DSLite Stylus

Ok so does anyone else out there think Hello Kitty is seeking world domination? Everywhere you look Hello Kitty pops up bringing us more and more random products, they’ll be making a Hello Kitty shaped car next, or has that already been done?! Anyway I digress, for those of you that like a bit of Kitty – so to speak- check out these stylus (or is it stlyi) for the DSLite which come in two different designs and are pretty cute looking too.

Available on www.strapya-world.com for around £15

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Kuromi Memory Card Case

  This is just so cuuuute and pracitcal. I don’t know about you but I never really  have a safe place for my memory cards but with this you can keep them safe and secure all in one place.

The cover features Kuromi and heart motifs, has multiple inside pockets and a zip fastening.

If you like, check out www.sanrio.com for more details.

  •  Size: 5″ x 4″ x 1″ 
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